Francisco, Lucy, and Larry with Mayor Gavin Newsom.


The Miwoks from the Yosemite Region drove all the way to San Francisco to meet the Mayor of San Francisco and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission September 28, 2004.

President Normandy was kind enough to take the Public Comment agenda out of schedule and bring the item forward out of consideration for the guests.

President reminded that SFPUC officials and those present that the name Hetch Hetchy is Native American and that in keeping with the history we all should respect and work with the First People of the Yosemite Region.

The Miwoks got their opportunity to address all the San Francisco Commissioners and judging from the expression on the faces of the Commissioners - much of what the Miwoks expressed was right on target.

I introduced the guest and revealed to the Commissioners that Miwoks should be embraced and helped especially with the over $4 billion Capitol Improvement Plan in the pipeline.

The remarks of Lucy who can trace her ancestry generation back and Paul Vasquez who has made it his career to document the contemporary Miwok life revealed the truth that the San Francisco Public Utilities Commissioners have never ever heard in person.

Key SFPUC officials present too heard the Commissioner loud and clear. It is now left to the leaders and to Susan Leal the Director to take the lead and make good stuff happen.

The Miwoks also met Mayor Gavin Newsom and he was pleased to meet them. Lucy was enthralled to meet the Mayor and so were the other Miwoks.

In a couple of weeks an especial meeting is going to be held near Yosemite to dialog with the Miwoks. Efforts will be made by all parties to participate and contribute to the Capitol Improvement Project linked to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and Hetch Hetchy.

Francisco addresses the PUC.

In front of City Hall.

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