It is a shame when our Board of Supervisors does not do their homework and were about to extend a one-year contract with the Presidio Trust linked to the sewer system. Constituents who could not find the filed contract with the Clerk of Board of Supervisors , September 28, 2004 pulled the matter out and about before the Finance and Audits Committee.

On October 6, 2004 in Room 263 the Finance and Audits Committee heard some knowledgeable constituents on pertinent issues related to the Presidio of San Francisco. Aaron Peskin, Tom Ammiano, and Fiona Ma heard the message loud and clear and extended the Presidio Trust Sewer Lease for another 6 months but NOT one year as requested.

The paradox is that the lease was signed by the National Park Service in 1994 but today the Presidio Trust waited for the last moment and with the dumb San Francisco Public Utilities Commission officials such as Jean Mariani wanted to extend the sewer lease through the Board of Supervisors.

No contract was filed with the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors until after September 28, 2004 the day the BOS met. It is a shame that Jean Mariani continues to play dumb. The reason she does this is because she does not live in San Francisco - she makes her money here in the City and flies to her fake abode outside the City and County of San Francisco.

Right now the City and County of San Francisco has nothing to hold the Presidio Trust to any high standards. It has nothing to force them to make concrete policy changes. The main elements that can help the City and County of San Francisco influence the Presidio Trust the sewer and clean water leases. We can also use our Public Transportation that we provide to the Presidio suffering a loss to the City coffers. We also have several other Memoranda of Understanding all of which the BOS should study - thoroughly. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission keeps listening to lies that the Presidio Trust tells them especially Jeane Mariani who is a liability to the City and County of San Francisco. Jeane Mariani has failed the City again and again.

The SFPUC should instruct the Presidio Trust to make all arrangements to send the Presidio Trust sewage to the Ocean Sewage Treatment Plant. In the future the Presidio Trust should treat their own sewage and send it into the Pacific Ocean where is can be flushed better.

The Presidio Trust keeps advertising through crooks like John Stewart Company that people can rent very expensive homes in the Presidio with free utilities. It can only do this because the City and County of San Francisco subsidizes the Presidio Trust with sewer and clean drinking water.

It is time the Board of Supervisors does their homework and checks the growth of the National Park that is the Presidio of San Francisco. No where in the Nation at a National Park will thousands of market value homes be built so that the filthy rich can live.

No where in a National Park is there something like Letterman Lucas Digital Center which will cater to over 5000 people. It has an underground garage which can hold 1500 cars. Talk about pollution.

It is a shame that this Lucas Complex will consume electricity that the City will supply through Pacific Gas and Electricity. This will compromise the GRID and the Electrical Flow during Peak Hours. Our BOS are not thinking about these issues. It is a pity Chris Daly was not there and the other supervisors did not do justice to the matter at hand.

It is wrong for constituents to come to City Hall and correct the wrong that is the responsibility of the Board of Supervisors who are paid over $90,000 a year plus benefits. The aides to the Supervisors know less then the Board of Supervisors when it comes to important elements. The Presidio Trust cannot be brought on track if they are not advised now that they are leaching on the City and County of San Francisco resources now and in the future. The Presidio should be a National Park with lots of Open Space and no new buildings - much less housing units where the filthy rich can send their sewer to the Southeast that is the Bayview Hunters Point. More, consume and waste electricity that comes from the two power plants situated in the Bayview Hunters Point which kill our infants as has been revealed in the press. Now is the time to use the sewer and clean water leases to influence any major policies that will adversely affect the constituents who work and live in the City and County of San Francisco. The Presidio Trust should be put on notice and with it the Presidio Board of Directors who do not give a damn about the City and County of San Francisco.

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