It has been some months now that our Hetch Hetchy water that is delivered through our faucets have been chloraminated. Many first experienced a strange taste and some a smell. Some scientists fear that not much is known about chloramine that is not chlorine. The pros and cons are about even. However if one reads the medical journals and if one is health conscience one prefers to stand by chlorine and not the latest addictive chloromine.

Some months ago many of my good friends noticed that a higher proportion of their fish in the aquariums began to die. Apparently there is a method to keep the conditions normal but it costs money to buy the tablets to make the fish feel at home with diminished chloromine keeping the fish company.

On another level no one is really talking about the infrastructure and old pipes carrying fresh chloraminated water from Hetchy Hetch right to the many faucets which end with a combination of other chemicals yet to be studied by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

If have for example hundreds of water pipes carrying drinking water which are very old, corroded and in bad shape. Hundreds of homes and other huge buildings that still have lead pipes that are toxic to one's health. No one really knows how chloramine reacts with rust and lead.

Some people suffering certain diseases cannot bath with chloraminated water. The experts do not have all the answers and the lay person has to do the research to be better informed.

Link to Article on Chloramines

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