Proposition L urges the constituents of San Francisco to vote and keep local theaters intact free from unnecessary takeovers, demolition, and plain disruption of a style that those who are very culturally sensitive enjoy.

In every neighborhood once there were beautifully ornate theaters many with grand organs and a live organ player. One of a kind movies were shown and many union for life took place at the local theater. For those who love movies and are in the fifties they will tell you much and much more about the Neighborhood Theater.

In the 1970s and 1980s many of the neighborhood theaters fell to demolition many had no reason to be demolished. One can recall the famous Fox Theater at 9th and Market and many others in the Mission, in the Avenues, all over the City.

In other neighborhoods with the influx of multiplex theaters downtown and else where in the neighborhoods the single screen neighborhood theaters could not compete and so one by one they were closed or used for other purposes.

In some neighborhoods the theaters are used as Churches - the San Bruno Theater is one that has been used as a Church and it would be in disrepair - but the congregation has restored it. In other areas the theaters remain vacant with the ghosts waiting for the day the screen will be lighted with audiences in the chairs - delighted.

Proposition L will give an impetus with funds to those groups that can revive the neighborhood single screen theater. One of kind independent movies can then be viewed and movie aficionados enjoy one of kind gathering that soothes the mind and the soul.

I am for Proposition L and so are Mayor Gavin Newsom and many others. I am for giving independent film makers an opportunity.

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