Mayor Gavin Newsom may have his heart in the right place and won all the popularity polls but he has failed with the constituents when it came to Proposition J and K. The Housing initiative and some others have not done well and the so called savvy politicians have been given the shaft.

San Francisco has a budget deficit and in the first round much of the added fat that Mayor Willie Brown had added was trimmed. Now, Mayor Gavin Newsom want to trim more and many City employees will have to join the unemployment lines.

Mayor Gavin Newsom is our Mayor and come what may we all will back him up when it comes to sense and sensibilities.

The Mayor loves to read Churchill and Churchill was a leader in wartime and faded soon when World War II ended. The Mayor was quick to engage the conservatives and the morally tight with gay marriages, women appointments, exposing his career to solve crime and play detective, joining the picket line, pissing of the managers and businesses and he speaks his mind. Some war footing policies in peace time John Kerry territory.

The State of California has not been kind to San Francisco gone are the days when John Burton and Willie Brown gave this City what they wanted. Leno and Migden will play second fiddle and are egoists who should never have attempted to pretend that they serve the constituents.

So now we have youth that need funding to prevent crime and aid on health and safety issues. Our mentally ill need extra help - the budget cuts has always been applied to them first. The Elderly already suffer and they will hear that cuts have been applied to them. The homeless will suffer simply because it has been their misfortune to be poor. The developers had plans with Proposition A in mind - now those plans will be shelved. The Police, Fire Department, Health, Department of Public Works, and many other City agencies will be told that their funding has been cut. The mantra will be accommodate and shift your plans to the present means. Get rid of non-essential services and try to smile while doing that? Bevan Dufty has been stressed and rightly so he has been too close to the Mayor and feels his pain -deep.

All this leads to ask those who are good at logistics and fiscal management to challenge the leadership and the advice of the Young Turks who lack experience and surround Mayor Gavin Newsom. The Young Turks talk the talk but again and again fail to walk the walk.

The Budget cuts will look upon San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to help the deficit. The San Francisco Environment will not be cut but will leach and try to get money by creating plans and applying grants - mostly dubious in nature. Those with connections will save their skin and many innocent hard working City employees will be let go. The good news is that it will all happen in January 2005.

No one can force the constituents to go along with our present day politicians. Many of them are scumbags sharing the lowest common denominator when it comes to honesty. A glaring example the Supervisor from District 10 - Sophie Maxwell. For sure we cannot lump the Mayor in this category - but all those who support this corrupt woman.

Mayor Gavin Newsom will cut all essential services. MUNI will be given $10 million less. It will not be a pretty picture - it is all about leadership and fiscal management. You will notice the Young Turks will keep their jobs - Susan Leal will keep her $300,000 plus perks job. There will be other glaring examples that make no fiscal sense. We will still support the young, inexperienced Mayor Gavin Newsom for one single reason he has his heart in the right place.

The four more years that the Nation has given Bush will not help much. The Don Fishers, Richard Blums, Shoresteins, other filthy rich developers and fiscal magnets will not help the City. They are there to fleece the constituents and make money off Propositions that rake in money. Mayor Gavin Newsom has his heart in the right place - and he will share a blanket with the poor. He will say with a heavy heart: "you would have had a roof but the voters did you in".

Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way. Our mostly White journalists especially the fake ones on Channel 11 will have much to say - most of it lacking investigative reporting and favoring the filthy rich who always have it good. The poor will keep gathering breadcrumbs.

What will the White Journalists say about the over 200 City employees who will get pink slips? What will the journalists say about the Bayview and the corrupt City Department heads? Not much.

Come what may we will support our Mayor - because this is San Francsico.

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