Women of Darfur.


It is totally wrong and something is not right when the world has known for the last two years and more about Darfur and has not addressed this GENOCIDE with purpose of mind. Millions are dying and crying to heaven for our help. Sudan and its government continue to kill innocent Africans who are innocent while the world watches this genocide.

The government of Sudan have bombed the Black African population and their homes and sided with the light skin Arabs reminding one of the days of the slave trade. Then as now the statements made by the thugs who operate today with the blessing of the Sudanese Government call for rapid international justice.

The United Nations has been slow and Britain and America had to be prodded again and again to offer the little humanitarian help that has come too late. Thousands have died of starvation, thousands killed, and thousands left by scars in camps with little safety and precarious health conditions.

Arab nations with millions of dollars who brag that charity is their forte - have not done anything much. Arab nations are close to Darfur and closer to the Sudanese government. Arab charity could go a long way to bring solace and save face on Islam. Light skin Arabs who are the perpetrators are the ones who have been instrumental in this modern genocide. Perhaps the rulers of Mecca and Medina can step in - in the name of Allah bring peace and solace to that part of Africa.

Women is Darfur have been raped. Children torn from the arms of the women and killed. Men murdered and elderly women and men killed for no reason but the fact that their skin is dark. The world has heard the horrific stories mostly through the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The American media and Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) have made some faint attempt to address the genocide - much as America did when millions died in Rwanda. In the case of Rwanda help came too late. Even President Bill Clinton was bold to say and apologize for the way America reacted then. Nothing much has changed today as far as Darfur is concerned.

Africa is the home of human kind and not far from Darfur many archeological sites have unearthed the history of the origins of human kind. White governments see no money profits when it comes to aiding human suffering. Africans and its governments have been corrupted by White Governments to do nothing; they are lethargy, perpetuating and bringing about the detriment of addressing the humanity of Africa that is starring African leaders in the face.

The world is not a better place when we spend hours watching the trial of Peterson in the Bay Area and the pathetic ploys of one human being. The media will not give air time to Darfur and the plight of millions dying - mostly children - have we all lost our humanity?

It is time the United Nations, the African Nations, and mostly a super power like America wake up and does what is right.

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