In the chambers of the people of San Francisco at City we call Room 250 we the people hear many deliberations. Good women, children, and men can come and express themselves and let the Board of Supervisors and other City Officials including Mayor Gavin Newsom know the good, the bad and the ugly. San Francisco is the best city and we all know that for a fact.

This is San Francisco and San Francisco is a very unique City. The City was named after Saint Francis Assisi. If the Muwekma Ohlone were given an opportunity to exercise one virtue that would be compassion. History tells us that Saint Francis Assisi was known for his compassion.

Compassion does not come easy. A lot of sacrifice goes into loving human beings and other projects and issues linked to compassion for humanity. In San Francisco we do this as best we can.

It is reflected with the San Francisco Police Department with or without all the negativity that one hears. We see it in the San Francisco Fire Department. We see it at the San Francisco Health Department with those who give care to those that need it most.

We see it with the numerous people too many to mention that love this City and will do their best to serve the best interests of the City and County of San Francisco. We all are united when times are trying.

When we the people attend the various subcommittees, advisory committees, the Board of Supervisors meetings - we speak so that the City and County of San Francisco can be a better place. We do not desire any City Employee and much more City Departments to take advantage of the people especially those who cannot fend for themselves. We state clearly please do not harm the poor.

The poor in our City have to fight great odds. It is not right to take them from the General Assistance lists - get them on to Social Security and then leave them to fend for themselves for some time. A ploy. Our mentally ill have suffered too much. For the past 15 years my investigations have led me to see too much and what I see is not right. It is wrong for foundations such as the Progress Foundation to prey upon the mentally ill. Our City can do better and thank Saint Anthony's, Martin de Pores, Glide Memorial, and the so many other such institutions for being compassionate. The City thanks Angela Alioto and her team for trying to tackle the impossible.

The Board of Supervisors is there to lead and time and time again we the people have found out that the BOS cannot lead because they are not well informed on issues. We see this blatant lack of education and lack of leadership in Sophie Maxwell. Her demeanor and her lack of understanding simple issue are pathetic.

The 11 Supervisors representing the City and County of San Francisco and their own district should do their homework and look to the best interests of the extended family. We saw a failure when Michela Alioto-Pier took on Chris Daly without knowing the facts and saw the wrath of the people unfold right before her in the august halls of the BOS. There is nothing more powerful then people power and censure is not a tool to bring disgrace, reprimand, or shame anyone one. Some one that is too demented to even think about such an act should not be there to serve the people. I hope everyone learns a lesson.

Our City has a budget deficit and the time has come for Mayor Gavin News to face the realities of life. In this quest we can help him if the principles he uses demand Accountability and Transparency. When all those making over $125,000 and work as employees for the City and County of San Francisco - fail to give something back they are not making a sacrifice and in not making a sacrifice they clear show - they have no love for this city. That is as diplomatic as I can put it.

Mayor Gavin Newsom has surrounded himself with young Turks and they have done this city injustice and great dishonor. Those heads of the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Mayor's Office of Economic Development are ignorant of the facts and do not have the expertise and the charisma to lead the City and County of San Francisco. Our City is diverse and with the Chinese, the Samoans, the French, the Germans, the Italians, the Irish, the Polish, the African Americans, the First People, the beautiful people from all over the world and the best minds we in San Francisco can make very good stuff happen. We cannot attain the utmost if we have poor leadership and especially those who pander to special interests - some of our Supervisors do and this is a crying shame. I said some.

Soon we will face the year 2005 and we have not done justice to our youth. Our youth in the Bayview Hunters Point and all over the City and County of San Francisco want help. Again and again we promise the youth help and give them the shaft. Mayor Gavin News talks the talk but now the time has come to walk the walk and our youth need all the help they can get. We love our youth and many of us with leaders like Jeff Adachi try to make good stuff happen - however, City officials have to look at our youth with a vision and inspiration that comes from the right place.

In the chamber of the people our youth have gone and voiced their plans. They have done it so many times with little result that they feel bad.

Again and again I meet the youth leaders and tell them - do not give up hope - because when one gives up hope - one resigns to defeat. In San Francisco our people have stood tall when there was the Great Fire, the earthquakes, against world wars, stood tall and walked hand in hand in any calamity that has affected us all - be it a death or victory of a sports team. I have walked in these parades and seen the unity of the people so that our City looks good but most of all feels good.

Often times we all fail to pay tribute to those who help so many in the many hospitals. Our City gives help as much as $100 million to the hospitals that is outside of City system such as the San Francisco General Hospital. It is a shame when greedy people mostly managers force those who exercise their rights into the streets when they protest and then lock them out with due cause. This is wrong.

We saw this with the hotel strike and we saw it again with the recent hospital strike that is still on going. In the chambers of the people we heard some of Supervisors listen and do their utmost to be compassionate and this is right.

However, the City should not wait until the 11th hour to bring about some justice to the injustices. We ought to request the Controller's Office and the City Attorney - to visit the hospitals and the hotels in a general manner so that links with the City and County of San Francisco are explained and exercised. In doing so the on going partnership will be kept intact and protest and strikes will be kept at an all time low.

We have various memoranda with the Presidio of San Francisco and this City allows the Presidio Trust to fleece the City and County of San Francisco. Jake McGoldrick and Alioto-Pier have no clout to deal with the demons that rule the Presidio of San Francisco today. Nancy Pelosi the fake Representative of San Francisco purports to do good but has let down the constituents of San Francisco. She is as fake as the two inch make up she wears and as corny as her all illusive smile.

This City is too compassionate and smart to fall to the evils of the corrupt. In the Chris Daly case and the Potrero Hill rezoning fiasco involving Sophie Maxwell the good over came the evil and the forces that cause harm to the people. Michela Alioto-Pier will lick her wounds.

It is just a matter of time before Aaron Peskin will try to fill the shoes of Matt Gonzalez as the President of the Board of Supervisors. I remember well - what I said when Matt first became the President of the Board. I know Aaron Peskin will not let this City down. Even as we disagree with Mayor Gavin Newsom on important issues - we the people because we care so much for San Francisco - will work together to make San Francisco the best City in the United States and the world.

Our youth all over the City of San Francisco are fighting against hope and I know some one will do something to bring hope to the youth. If we cannot do that something is really wrong. We look forward to doing the right thing and putting this great City back on track.

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