Philip Mangano the Homeless Czar.


The poor will always be with us. The question that is posed to us all treat the poor with respect. And if we do treat them with respect then we ought to care for them. This is San Francisco a City named after Saint Francis Assisi and so when we see suffering, the poor, and humanity in general needing help, the ways of Saint Francis of Assisi come to mind. This is all very good.

Angela Alioto has always spoken her mind but more she has always stood up and done things right. In daily life we see so many talking the tongue has no bone. One can brag and brag and do nothing but it is always inspiring when someone does something good. The poor of San Francisco for the longest time ever have been left in the cold. Now with Angela and those that have been taking care of the poor we see a change in the wind. The changes are small and big things happen in small ways.

I do not think Willie L. Brown really gave a hoot about the poor. I think Gavin Newsom does but he really does not know how exactly to bring about much needed changes. He needs help the poor fellow and Angela Alioto and others will support our Mayor Gavin Newsom. Gavin has his heart in the right place no one can fault him for that. I fault him for the company he keeps and wrong advice he gets. Angela will speak her mind and if the truth hurts so be it. This philosophy helps it gets the work done on any level.

I am focused on the mentally ill and I see that with Proposition 63 and the money that will come in help should be given to the mentally ill in large measure. I am confident that Angela Alioto will inspire Mayor Gavin Newsom to do the right thing. Let us not waste money that is meant for the mentally ill elsewhere just because some other propositions fell by the way side.

Angela Alioto has team up with some high officials at the Federal level. Leave it to her to be the mother she is and fend for those that need help most. She has good friends and has some good ideas. Ideas are good and with good friends one can work wonders. Angela Alioto has been steadfast and continues to bring the advocates and other City Officials to the table to discuss ways and means to bring succor to the poor. This job is not easy but if anyone can bring about change Angela Alioto can. Recently she introduced me to the Czar of the homeless you will see him in the photograph that accompanies this article. Do you see the sparkle in our eyes? The photo was taken through the kindness of Angela Alioto. Francisco do you want a photograph for your website. Why not?

During this festive season many of us give and San Franciscans are always so nice. I see it on the streets every single day. Our City is blessed and we ought to count our blessings. We ought to be considerate to the poor and respect them all as human beings.

Blessed are the poor for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

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