Liquefaction in Landfill Areas.


San Francisco Planning Department is in great turmoil and with the firing of Gerald Green - in even deeper trouble. Mayor Gavin Newsom had no clue before about SF Planning Department and today he is as confused as he was yesterday.

Mayor Gavin Newsom has brought in Macaris a long time Planning Director who moth balled himself to the point that he cannot figure out what happened during all the time he was away. Binder the cancerous fungi is still at the helm of affairs and Amit Ghosh tags along with Macaris hoping to find some solution in the Planning Department cesspool.

Under former corrupt Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. the SF Planning Department Blue Print for the whole City and County of San Francisco was cast aside and buried. SF City Planning did not bother to initiate Environmental Impact Assessments, Reports or Studies.

The SF Planning Department in all years Willie L. Brown was in office catered to Special Developments and to crooks that influenced the SF City Planners to do their bidding. The result many Planning Workshops conducted in the various neighborhoods was shelved. Many advocates in the Mission, South of Market Area, Potrero Hill, and Bayview never expected the SF Planning to be so corrupt - but the matter of fact is they were. Today the hundreds of hours we spent are all down the drain.

Binder and Green did everything to help the crooks. Today Binder mutters and brags underneath his evil breath - the man should be fired and sent packing off to the woods. The turn over of Planners at the SF Planning has been over 60% - so tell me how can any Planning Department have any standard, function normally, have any stability with so much volatility and movement out the door. Go figure. I have spoken to the few decent hard working SF Planners and they do not like the environment at the SF Planning Department. Recently we saw the machinations linked to developments on Potrero Hill and Bayview Hunters Point prop up. Pathetic.

The Residential Builders Association (RBA) is a force to be reckoned with. Over the years they have protected their interests much as fiercely as the SF Planning Department has changed plans mid way to accommodate the instructions from some crooks - having vested interest and deep pockets. The RBA has integrity but one cannot say that of the SF Planning Department that is in doldrums and bound to failure.

At Potrero Hill we had the District 10 Supervisor go to bat for Anchor Steam. This rich millionaire needs no help - what he should be told is take his business to Napa where he commutes daily. Such parasites fail to contribute anything much and his arrogance matches that of the inept, ignorant, and very arrogant Sophie Maxwell.

The RBA came out in force and floored the stupid woman who goes by the name of Sophie Maxwell - even as she tried to defend this selfish millionaire. Is someone on the take? It is wrong to stiff the owner whose property lies next to Anchor Steam. It is wrong to deprive the owner next to Anchor Steam access to documentation. This will all be revealed at the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force at the next meeting. Sophie Maxwell and her staff will be exposed once and for all.

If the lethargic Bayview Hunters Point constituents had come out in force to the Land Use Committee meeting - to state the nonsense Sophie Maxwell in initiating with SF Redevelopment and Lennar BVHP LLC rezoning over 9000 parcels and over 2500 acres in the Bayview Hunters Point - the outcome would have been different. Leave it to some thug Blacks to dishonor humanity and sell out the San Francisco community at large. All Sophie Maxwell's cronies.

Sophie Maxwell has dug a deep filthy hole and the RBA will get rid of her one way or the other. The woman is so dumb that a lackey Supervisor Bevan Dufty whose district is far away had to rescue the stupid woman by initiating an amendment that for all practical purposes creates a win-win situation for the Residential Builders Association. Sophie Maxwell needs a free exposure at the next Castro Haloween Party. Perhaps gift card to Good Vibrations. Dufty.

As for Hunters Point and Parcel A the SF Board of Supervisors with the exception of Matt Gonzalez and Chris Daly sold out San Francisco. History will remember Tom Ammiano, Jake McGoldrick, Elsbernd, Fiona Ma, Alioto-Pier, Sandoval, Aaron Peskin, Bevan Dufty and the on the take stupid woman Sophie Maxwell for a long, long time.

SF Planning could have stood up for the community. But when have they ever?

Parcel A lies within the worst Superfund Site. The Cumulative pollution in the area is mind boggling. Radiological issues have not been addressed. The State and Federal agencies have gone with the flow because of pressure from Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Diane Feinstein. Time will tell when there is an explosion and when a major earthquake - brings down Parcel A and all therein - like a box of match sticks - crumbing to the ground. Liquefaction.

SF Planning Department has been cozy with SF Redevelopment Agency. SF Redevelopment Agency is a quasi State Agency that has caused much concern and adversely impacted constituents in the Western Addition, Mission Bay, the Bayview Hunters Point and all over the City and County of San Francisco.

SF City Planning has yet to come out with a well-documented Housing Element. The last time around they fabricated some figures and got out of the bind by declaring the final draft document - a Negative Declaration. Several organizations fought SF Planning Department but with the backing of SF Redevelopment Agency, Willie Brown - the document was sent to Sacramento - so that SF Redevelopment Agency could apply for funds to fleece the constituents of San Francisco for some years.

As I said to date we do not have a sound Housing Element. We do not have a Transportation Document from the SF Planning Department. SPUR and ABAG have worked with SF Planning Department by lending some misinformation. ABAG and SPUR have never had sound credibility with those who do their homework. Hence you see members from ABAG and SPUR - lend their name and stats from time to time - only to be spurned by the well-educated constituents of San Franciso.

SF Planning Department has no clue about the over 900 miles of pipe lines that are old and leaking all over San Francisco. Most of them over 60 years old some over 75 years old. SF Planning Department has no clue about Energy Issues. SF Planning has no clue about the infrastructure and has no imperial data to back up any of its long and short-term plans. Jefferson-Martin Transmission Line?

SF Planning has no idea about the state of our Watershed. They saw that they did not participate on the Riparian Bluff survey when all the other Bayarea Counties participated. It is such arrogance that bedevils everyone!

SF Planning has no idea about Sustainability. It is no idea about the Precautionary Principle? It has never read one single important document pertaining to Energy issues? It has failed to attend the important workshops linked with the Capitol Improvement Project and Hetch Hetchy. SF Planning is so busy screwing itself over and over that all it does is trying catch its tail - much like a mad dog.

The failure of the SF Planning Department is reflected at every SF Planning Commission meeting - where the Commissioners cannot really function and keep changing the rules to accommodate the basic rudimentary principles - putting out fires and hoping against hope to save face. Binder keeps muttering much like some some crazy person. It is so pathetic to watch the hearing on Channel 26 and more so to attend the SF Planning Meeting in person. What has come and why have we to witness all this madness unfold before our very eyes?

It was amazing to find out how SF Planning Department realized that it had issued two permits one next to the other and on top of one another - at the TransBay Terminal. One permit allowed Mr. Myers to build a very tall building over 80 stories and at the same time SF Planning issued a permit to build a sub way under the building at Natoma. It is such stupidity that reveals the machinations that are the fabric of the SF Planning Department. Binder talks the talk but never ever walks the walk. Watch him if ever some one drops anything in front of you and he is behind you!

Amit Ghosh with his doctorate in Planning is a waste of talent. One may have some intelligence but the guy has no spine. Amit has created a nest for himself and all he is concerned about is his paycheck. As soon as he can retire he will exit as fast as an elevator crashing down after a major failure.

Recently, Mayor Gavin Newsom transferred millions of dollars from the Building Inspection Department to save the SF Planning Department. This type of nonsense sends a wrong signal to SF Planning. Gavin Newsom presupposed that the two failed propositions would position himself and his cronies to build homes. Gavin forget about the failure of Proposition J. The failure of the past proposition where the constituents were cheated and fewer homes built.

Gavin Newsom is now poised to work with SF Planning to exploit Proposition 63. Proposition has everything to do with those who are mentally ill. It has nothing to do with the Progress Foundation and developers that want to prey on the mentally ill.

I have warned and requested Angela Alioto about this - Gavin better use better judgment and draw a big buffer between his so-called Care not Cash and Proposition 63. I will fight it tooth and nail and I will win if Proposition 63 does not help our mentally ill in a concrete fashion. I worked very hard to see that this proposition 63 came to fruition - and I know what I am talking about.

Do we have good leaders in San Francisco? Try analyzing the SF Planning Department and figure that out. We have a population of about 750,000 and we have over 2 million square feet of commercial space vacant all over the City and County of San Francisco. More poor people sleep under freeways and families too. Most people cannot afford the high rents because we have too few good paying jobs.

People are moving out of the City and County of San Francisco - especially those with children. Our Mayor has no clue about this. Gavin Newsom has hired more administrative assistants. More folks make over $100,000 a year under his present administration and are inept. He wants to cut services to the elderly and those on crutches and wheelchairs. MUNI has failed us. The SF Planning has no clue and Mayor Gavin Newsom is clueless too on the above mentioned topics.

Certain places that catered to the homeless are shut down. The Mayor and his cronies are targeting those who cannot fend themselves. He tried doing that with Hospitality House but we kick his ass.

Much of the nonsense and issues that adversely impact this City and County of San Francisco stems from our SF Planning Department. Our SF Planning Department is in turmoil.

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