Tsunami - deep inroads.


We thought we knew the magnitude of the recent tsunami that stuck Southeast Asia - but as we get e-mails we were far off target - this tragic disaster is beyond comprehension. Some say the force of over 10,000 atomic bombs, others try to compare it to other disasters - but they all fall short.

Right now the toll is above 120,000 dead and more are dying as every single minute goes by. I have friends in the Seychelles, the Nicobar and Andaman Island, in Somalia and Kenya, in India, Tamil Nadu, and Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Maldives Islands - in fact the whole region.

Right now out laying areas are still waiting for help. Some pilots have flown over the most out laying areas and have reported total disaster - they see some sign of life but it is difficult to land planes and ever more difficult to get to these places by road. Specialized relief helicopters are very expensive but these are needed. So are doctors and experts good with logistics. Heavy equipment to move the debris and huge obstacles.

Sweden, Norway, Japan, India, Malaysia, France, Israel, Germany, Holland, and some other countries have been quick to be a friend and save thousands of lives. Again we see so-called Superpowers very lethargic when it comes to helping - they talk the talk but fail again and again to walk the walk. This unfortunately includes the White House and the man who says we are generous. He took 3 days to say that and says he was pondering and waiting for an assessment report from his experts. Again I say the billions we are wasting in Iraq could be used to help humanity - and this recent tragedy speaks to that very fact.

The American people have been very generous and have come to the aid of the affected areas. The Europeans will do well to stay and help and teach the so-called Superpowers and those that talk like Superpowers such as Great Britain - that their actions do not reflect their words.

In this tragedy we see the most affected were children. This is so sad because our children are the ones that should have been protected but Mother Nature will not spare those who are vulnerable and in its way. Animals - goats, sheep, cows, elephants, dogs all made it to the higher ground. We see this again and again that the animals have an instinct and a warning system that humans have lost. We humans now have to resort to technology - a warning system. We do not have one in San Francisco and we all know - we in San Francisco can fall prey to a Tsunami anytime. The whole Richmond District is prone to disaster.

The islands always fascinate me - the island of Mahe in the Seychelles, the Maldives and Andaman Island all so beautiful with the wide beaches and swaying palm trees. Huge waves such as those created by a tsunami can penetrate these islands for miles and destroy anything and everything in its path. The most vulnerable we human beings and among human beings - children. The houses we can rebuild.

The damage has been in the billions and it will take years to rebuild the affected areas. The Tamil Tigers may now see the light and help in the rebuilding of the Sri Lanka. Muslim and Christians in Indonesia may now see the light and live for the common good of humanity. In India the caste system has shown its ugly head and I hope better reason prevails.

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, other Arab nations have been slow in shelling out - they like to be on the receiving end. Kuwait could have donated more then the $2 million. Surely they and other cans do better.

The United States Navy is well equipped to help and soon they will when the are in place. I hope the doctors and nurses reach the remote areas fast and help humanity. This tragedy has brought the world together. It has taught us to be careful of earthquakes, storms, hurricanes, and watch out for Mother Earth and natural forces.

Humanity works in different ways - and often times horror and pain shake us and brings us to our senses. It is not the best way to witness the worst and best in humanity. However in mysterious ways that is what happens? Again and again I have seen human beings rally and unite in the midst of tragedy resulting from Nature and Mother Earth.

Tsunami and Humanity.

The Maldives.

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