The world will remember for the longest time ever how America's Village Idiot reacted when so many died in the Tsunami. We always brag that the United States is a Super Power but the world at this moment does not care about our Power it does care about our Compassion. We had a great opportunity to step up to the podium and do just that - but my dear friends how can we expect that from our Village Idiot. He blew it and lost a great opportunity.

The Tsunami revealed to us in so many ways its power and destruction. It has brought the world together. Europe - with Sweden, Spain, Norway, Holland, Italy, Germany, France and Asia with India, China, Malaysia, Pakistan, Japan and others have shown the United States that in future when it comes to caring they will be there first.

When it comes to logistical support - helicopters, distribution in bulk, transportation, delivery, health and safety issues, dealing with millions of persons - the United States will and has the lead - but as we all found out compassion rules.

The ordinary American always has given much and more and once again this time put the government of United States to shame - I hope our Village Idiot comprehends this once and for all. This has been a difficult time for Collin Powell but it will be a more difficult time for the Village Idiot's sidekick Condi Rice when she holds the position of Secretary of State. Time will tell.

Here in California we can expect a large earthquake to hit us very soon in less then 5 years. We know the most prone areas will be the landfill areas. Yet here in San Francisco our local leaders will allow tall buildings to be built on landfills. Well, we better be very careful and discern - because if we do not we will have to bear the adverse impacts. Our dumb Board Of Supervisors have something learn but will they ever. Recently the BOS allowed Lennar BVHP to build 1600 homes on a landfill toxic dump. This area will be affected most in an Earthquake. The Tsunami has killed many children and many more children have been left homeless. In most of the affected areas the children hopefully have extended family members that are alive. The priority should be to place these children at home among the extended families. To fulfill this purpose anything and everything should be garnered.

I know for a fact that Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and all the Islands - Andaman, Nicobar, Seychelles, Maldives - are proud of their culture and their families. It is my hope that the families build a life and face the future with pride. It is wrong to sell out and allow foreign countries to adopt the beautiful children of this Tsunami Affect Area.

I have been watching the media and the so called experts that think they are in the cockpit and will made the major decisions in the rebuilding of the devastated tsunami areas. Well, I strongly feel that the locals should take the lead and am very cautious not to permit foreigners to manipulate the many projects that will cost billions of dollars.

This is an opportunity for Japan, China, and India to take the lead and use its manpower, skills, and intelligence to develop the various projects and bring hope that Mother Nature has dealt the world with so much death and destruction. Asia has the ability to lead the world in this regard. I pray that the Buddha whom I revere much will watch over the deeds and bring about the required Karma.

It is the faith of the many Muslims in Indonesia, India, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka that will forge unity among all Muslim Nations and help bring peace to the devastated area in the long run. I hope Kuwait, Saudi Arabia; the many rich Middle East Muslim countries send money and supplies in the long run - since they have failed to do in the short run.

The Tamil Tigers now have an opportunity to forget and forgive and forge ahead. It is a fact that the area in and around the Tamil Tigers - fighting a long run battle with the Sri Lanka government - has suffered the most. Help is on the way but with it should come an understanding and resolution to bring about peace for the many years to come. The peace will bring sound rebuilding and progress. It is all about Karma. Christians too have been hard hit. The Christians Nations have and are in a position to fulfill the mandates that Christianity always professes. In the 16th Century the Dutch, the Portuguese, the British converted many of the locals to Christianity. It should not come as a surprise that thousands of Christians have died. I hope that the Village Idiot fully now comprehends that it was not about Muslims - but Hindus, Buddhists, and people of many other faiths. Mostly it was about children and people dying all share human nature.

Missing in all the talk is the resilience of the people who practice the Buddhist faith. People who genuinely care for one another.

Buddha was very compassionate and those that follow him - share a goodness incomparable in the whole world. It is this faith that the Western Folks cannot understand - especially those materialistic westerners many of whom lack in spirituality that matters.

Our Village Idiot brags that he a Christian - he took a good 3 days to react and a good 6 days to fathom the reality of the Tsunami. Many Americans have died and when the final tally is revealed the Village Idiot will be confounded. It may be as high as a thousand or more.

Now that we have seen it all again and again on the media so many times - the time has come for the experts to put the logistic together. The bulldozers to make the roads accessible. The helicopters to go to those areas that today after 7 days no one has been able to access. Every minute some one is dying and the sooner help reaches some one may live and contribute to the good of this Earth. Our doctors and nurses need access. The temporary stations and hospitals have to be built. Clean water distributed and medicines given to those that need it badly.

It is time our Village Idiot learns not to waste billions in Iraq. We could have spent so much money today wisely without impacting anyone. With money and compassion we could have proclaimed we are good and compassionate leaders. Our Village Idiot has let us down but more he has shamed us all.

The Nation should go to the places of worship and pray for our Village Idiot. There may be a change and the Village Idiot may behave in a sane manner - but I doubt very much. God Save America.

Homes in Aceh Besar.

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