Helicopters saving lives.


Now that the Navy with a large carrier USS Abraham Lincoln is in place with hundreds of other Marines deployed to the affected Tsumani area we are really in business. The 25 or so special helicopters the Navy has can and has saved thousands of lives. These helicopters can land almost anywhere and that is what makes the greatest difference.

Indonesia has not had the best of relations with the United States. When the Indonesian Government used strong arm tactics in East Timor a former Portuguese Colony and killed hundreds of innocent people - imprisoned others - the United States, Australia, and many other countries used trade and other sanctions to punish Indonesia. Indonesia has military equipment including helicopters from the United States - but no spare parts because of the sanctions. Hopefully all that will change.

Indonesia the largest Muslim Nation in Asia has close ties to some terrorists groups. None of these cowards step forward to help the people. The good Western Nations did - and it is the quick action with lots of compassion from Europe that will win the Indonesian people and those who have ties with the bad guys with links to terrorist aspirations.

The USS Abraham Lincoln has been to many ports before and served well in the Indian Ocean. I am confident that this tour of hope and compassion will be etched as one of the most memorable and noteworthy mission of the USS Abraham Lincoln. Kudos to the pilots that saved thousands of lives and I hope our Nation - commends and rewards each and every member who played a part in this worthy rescue mission of saving thousands of lives. Thank You from the children and the parents who wish the best for their children the world over.

Good leadership on any level should have the ability to make quick decisions. Good leaders should have the ability to understand logistics. Good logisticians have the best information available to them at their fingertips. Any Super Power such as we proclaim we are should have reacted immediately to the Tsunami Disaster that hit Indonesia. Our White House leadership did not and therein we failed. We can now recruit Presidents Bill Clinton and the Senior President Bush to raise money - good leadership is not about money - it is about compassion and service.

The United States Media keeps on focusing of some sensational news. Time to move on with real projects of help and stop showing stale videos over and over again.

I commend Japan for all the real help. China, South Korea, India, Pakistan, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Israel, Italy, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and so many other smaller nations have sent in doctors, nurses, morticians, DNA experts, lab technicians, finger print experts, logisticians, rescue dogs, heavy equipment experts, engineers - all this is good.

In this tragedy we lost thousands of children. The children should now be our focus. The extended families should be given help and I would like the experts to figure out a way that quick healthy models are put in place having the local leaders and child care experts - begin the healing process. The children from these regions can endure hardship and have inherent spiritual qualities from the deep religious roots of their families. The children should remain in their communities.

The Muslim, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, and other faiths have deep roots and the extended family plays a key role. It is very difficult for mundane Western Folks to figure this. Hence it should become the priority of child experts especially those well versed with educational and child psychology to step up to the front lines and perform. In Asia we have many who can fulfill this role - and it would be nice for the children to get the best possible compassion, help, and succor when they need it most.

Our Village Idiot in the White House continues to mumble and utter ramblings under his breath. There is only so much we can tolerate. Middle America voted for the buffoon and Middle America still sees nothing wrong with him. Wait till Condi Rice his sidekick decides to frolic and frown upon others. World politics at least the future as I see it - is one Whole Holistic Caring Policy. It cannot stem from killings, lack of compassion, and no education on issues. The American people and private companies Yahoo, Amazon, the Pharmaceutical Companies, American Banks have done us all proud. Now, if only we can save the children and put in perspective a sane world with compassion.

The Adults at the White House have been screwing things for too long and it time the Adults - stop playing in the sand box of insanity.

We should be out of Iraq, stop wasting billions killing, and look after our folks at home. Our youth and seniors need help. If our Nation were emotionally strong that would help. There are too many drugs floating around and one wonders if that is the case with the higher ups. Most of them are so high that is takes 3 days for them to get down to reality to make decisions. Then they have to pop down the downers to come back to their senses.

Once again thanks to our military and thank you America for helping our children. They will remember you for the rest of their lives. This Tsunami has brought many Nations to their senses. Prioritized our values and given us a better sense of what life is all about.

Children should be saved.

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