Matt Gonzalez receives kudos.


Matt Gonzalez will step down as Supervisor representing District 5 and more as the President of the Board. It does not matter who will remain and take over as President - the present incumbents lack the moral fortitude and resolve we all saw in the brilliant Matt Gonzalez.

It will be tough to watch Aaron Peskin on that dais when difficult issues come before him. He especially will be suspect when it comes to Land Use projects. He is not alone the other partners in crime linked to the Lennar BVHP LLC - all swim in the same cesspool.

Those present at this last Board of Supervisors meeting had some good things to say. One cannot say much in the two minutes or so given to each one during Public Comment. The devil made his appearance but the devil did not phase the other supervisors who emulate him. Perhaps he appeared to remind those who played all those games with Absentee Voting. Or perhaps all those who take bribes and shun the Sunshine Ordinance.

I took a photograph in the chamber and when I viewed it latter on saw a sign - a circular sign behind the dais - some symbol that I will have to decipher.

Matt Gonzalez will be missed but not for long. In a few months he will be back working as a lawyer. He will take on cases - many linked to the City. He will give the City and County of San Francisco a run for their money - the City is corrupt and no one knows it better then Matt Gonzalez. Perhaps the other person is Chris Daly. Chris Daly was not there yesterday - he telephoned earlier wishing Matt the best - just like all of us who shared in all Matt's contributions.

Good Luck and watch out.

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