Brown Bombers Awards Presentation.


It is not too often that I will attend Annual Awards but when it comes to an organization that works so hard for disadvantage youth - I will make every attempt to be present. The San Francisco Brown Bombers Annual Awards was held at the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption - 1111 Gough Street in San Francisco - January 15, 2005.

It is always a pleasure to attend any function, game, event that the Brown Bombers organize - they always make everyone feel at home. I happen to be good friends with a lot of youth that play for the Brown Bombers. I also happen to be good friends with a lot of parents and volunteers and the Brown Bomber coaches.

The hall at Saint Mary's Cathedral was well decorated with balloons that matched the colors of the Brown Bombers. After the welcome and invocation - lunch was served.

All the tables were full and everyone enjoyed the lunch. It is always nice to see the youth happy in the company of their parents and guardians. I was busy talking to many of my good friends - some of them I had not seen in years. Lots of gifts were given to those who had the lucky numbers that were drawn from time to time.

After lunch the awards were given to the Parents who worked so hard, the volunteers and to the various players from the various teams. Each coach saw that his team was presented with a trophy and the cheerleaders too were given awards. Team moms were honored and each and every coach was mentioned and thanked.

Ranon Ross the President of the Brown Bombers took care that everything was well planned. There was a game for the parents before the awards. The two teams of parents were given special prizes - it short everyone had a nice time. There is no organization in San Francisco that does so much for the youth that are disadvantaged in so generous a manner as do the Brown Bombers. Kudos once again for giving the youth so many opportunities.

Ranon Ross - President Brown Bombers.

Brown Bombers Awards Presentation.

Parents having a nice time.

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