San Francisco's corrupt politicians are mostly Democrats. In recent years the Democrats who purport to represent the constituents of San Francisco have failed San Francisco. Had they been Republican Representatives would they have done better? I doubt it - I think it is time others - the Green Party, Independents prepare good candidates to get rid of the old vermin that have failed us all on important issues.

Carol Migden, Mark Leno, Gavin Newsom, inept Democrats like Bevan Dufty, Fiona Ma, Alioto-Pier, Aaron Peskin - others think they will be going places but to date they have all let us down. The fundamental mistakes these good for nothing politicians display time and time again - is their lack of knowledge on important issues. Time and time again they pander to the media and fail the constituents who look for solutions on important issues. Foremost - Quality of Life Issues.

The two fake representatives who are the worst - Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein they are as fake as the two-inch make up they wear. Nancy makes all sorts of noises but cannot make any headway. As the Minority Whip she has no clout and has failed her constituents of San Francisco. Think of it she use to say " Sala told me on her dead bed to run for Congress and represent her district". I doubt very much Sala said that.

Gavin Newsom already thinks he will be the next Governor of California. Democrats are already talking about it and it is this type of utter nonsense that gets no one no where.

In the last 10 years much of our Educational System has gone down the drain. One has just to look at our bridges, roads, and transportation system - much has to be done. Our Health System does not give opportunities to most that need it because they cannot afford it. Our poor are getting poorer and the Democrats do not care if so many die on our streets. Daily thousands of poor people do not have food and what is more no shelter. No much for Democracy and Democrats in California. Once there was some pride to have a Democrat representing any constituent. No more. Today most of them are corrupt on the local level, at the State level but most of all at the Federal Level.

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