Jake takes a nap.


I made it a point to attend the event when the new President would be elected and take the place of Matt Gonzalez who decided to step down and away from leading the Board of Supervisors in San Francisco. It was fun to watch the circus like atmosphere with Peskin feeling all perked up because he had already cajoled the other Supervisors to vote him in - what a joke! Ross should have said NO.

While waiting in line the whole of China Town was bringing in the food. I did not see any dishes kosher that how well Peskin sits in the wok! I had an invitation to get into the August Room 250 which was now polluted with corrupt politicians the likes of Bevan Dufty, Fiona Ma, Sophie Maxwell, Jake McGoldrick, Alioto-Pier, Sean Elsbernd and leading the group Peskin the Pumpkin.

In the days that followed - I made it a point NOT to speak during Public Comment. I watched the Pumpkin from a distance and I saw all the evil changes. Peskin and his gremlins are up to mischief and Daly and Ross can do only so much. Ammiano can be predictable on some issues and as far as Sandoval is concerned - maybe. Jake McGoldrick the two faced geek is the worst of all - a snake in the grass.

Recently, Chris Daly with great passion tried to raise a measly $100,000 to send to the Tsunami victims. Originally he had proposed $ 1 million. It was interesting to hear the gremlins who follow Peskin and behind the scenes Mayor Gavin Newsom. The pathetic souls did not have the decency to send $100,000 - how would the jerks know about decency. Wait till San Francisco has a calamity and the jerks will feel guilty that is if they have some decency and a soul.

Matt Gonzalez brought some class especially at the committee meetings. It was pathetic to see the others mostly ignorant on issues and substance - try to put their best foot forward only to put their foot in the mouths. The worse Sophie Maxwell and Jake, Alioto-Pier, Fiona Ma and Dufty the man who loves to chase his tail. Aaron can wag his tongue because he has learnt the art of manipulation. In years gone by the Board of Supervisors had some decency - they had some class. Those Supervisors that lacked decency always were led into doing justice and representing San Francisco the City that knows how. The present composition headed by Peskin and his gang is the worst composition of good for nothing so called City representatives - ever.

It was fun to see Peskin and Jake lead the charge to permit Lennar BVHP LLC to build 1600 on Parcel A that is Chernobyl. Now why would any decent human being permit 1600 homes to be built on a toxic dump. I have seen Jake make a couple of trips to the Mayor's Office and I have see him be a two faced clown in Room 250. Larry Florin can now visit Peskin in China's town alleys and carry on the happening under the table. Pathetic!

It is time these scumbags are removed from office and sent packing to lick their wounds. San Francisco and San Franciscans deserve better. There was a time when a Democrat would represent and have some compassion for those working folks - no more. Today we have scumbags that think about themselves and pander to the media.

Imagine the kind of politician the likes of Bevan Dufty and Sophie Maxwell - even the Idiot Association would not allow them to join their fraternity.

Sean Elsbernd pretends he is some serious conservative but does not know the difference between caviar and foie grass. Fiona Ma the transplant from New York would do well working as a Certified Public Accountant. It is funny how she wants to chastise those who own Recreation Vehicles and penalize youth that enjoy playing computer games.

Let us watch these jerks during this year 2005 - Sean, Fiona, Jake, Sophie, Bevan and of course the man Hank - Peskin. Now the world knows why we miss Matt - the man who was simple but yet had class. San Francisco we are now witnessing the worse the world can offer as representatives of this great City called San Francisco with Peskin - heading the buffoons.

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