We have not found any Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. We have had an election in Iraq but it is a far cry from real Democracy. This does not mean that we have not given the Iraqi people some freedom - we have but at a far greater expense.

The Western World should not forget that what is now Iraq was the cradle of civilization. The very fact that we have computers was made possible by the civilization from this area that invented the numerals. The most important being zero. Bytes makes it all happen.

It is a paradox that once the Western World was considered barbarians by the Babylonian Civilization. Today the Western World thinks they will tame the ancestors of the Father of all Nations - Abraham.

It was wrong for the United States to invade Iraq and the sooner we get out of that place the better. I hope we do not invade Iran and then to go and invade Syria too. The billions we spend in Iraq could be spent right her in the United States of America.

In the mean time we cannot fail to address the thousands of service men and women who are injured and will suffer their injuries for the rest of their lives. We cannot forget the thousands of service women and men who have died - giving their lives in a war which was not of their making.

We did not learn much form Korea. And then we went to Vietnam and failed there. Before it is too late - we ought to cut our losses and get out of Iraq minus the treasure we always sought in plenty - oil.

War never pays good dividends - it bring misery and makes us human beings lesser in the eyes of those that hold up higher values.

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