Protest banner in front of City Hall.


San Francisco always does things different and always stands up to the forces of evil and speaks its mind. Today, March 19, 2005 thousands gathered at Dolores Park in the Mission. There were speeches but what was more there was unity. Mostly young people do not want to have anything to do with the war in Iraq. And as to the adults they too wonder what has become of this world and of America. People came out in the thousands and stood as one to speak against the war in Iraq.

Over a thousand five hundred of our beloved service men and women have died and more continue to die every day. The Village Idiot that resides in the White House does not give a hoot and the trend seems to be catching with Middle America mostly White Rednecks that have brought disgrace to humanity by electing the Idiot for another 4 years.

Our youth try their best and in the early years of the war many in America criticized the youth of the Bay Area for standing up for what is right when they protested. Many senior citizens, mothers and fathers, and elderly relatives and friends joined in the Protest Marches of yester years and today. They all did Right and will be remembered by history. Not so the Village Idiot and those that work with him that have disgraced humanity.

From Dolores Park in the Mission thousands marched to City Hall and there made further speeches. Of course the speeches denounced the policies that have been upheld by the Village Idiot. Against the back drop that is Our City Hall - it would have been nice to see our National Flag at Half-Mast - to honor our service women and men. The Board of Supervisor under the leadership of Ross Mirkarimi favored the half-mast idea. Not so our young Mayor who is more interested in issues - queer. It is not about protocol it is about doing right and what is more standing for what is really right.

America went to find some Weapons of Mass Destruction and have none - yet. We went in with a hidden agenda and have made fools of ourselves. Bush lied while thousands died. Young Americans do not have to be forced to go and fight an unjust war. It is wrong to harm our women and men and it is wrong that so many will wear braces and live with missing arms and legs and serious injuries for the rest of their lives. I worked for Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco. I know what happen during Desert Storm and Shield and I know more what is happening today in Iraq. I know what is means to live for the rest of one's life with impediments.

The Bay Area Reserves played an important role in Desert Shield and Storm. Today Bay Area Reserves have contributed to the building of Iraq. However, the 5000 pound bombs and other atrocities that war brings have tarnished the name of America and made us enemies all over the world. We have done more harm and less good.

Now that Iraq has held an Election and there is some sort of government in place - it is time for us to come out of Iraq and bring our forces back home where they belong.

Over one thousand and five hundred have died and many more will die in vain - if we do not say something and put pressure on the Village Idiot. It is simply wrong to keep silent - every day we should do something. Write to Congress and to the Senate and convince your fellow women and men to fight this unjust war.

The Bush Administration has created a paranoia - always telling us that the terrorists are hiding behind some bush - trying to kill us. Daily at various Security Places, at airports, at other places millions are forced to be searched and millions of dollars wasted - all in the name of the false signals and policies that come from the Idiot's House.

The world will remember this protest held on March 19, 2005. The world will say when most fools kept silent - the people that knew better spoke up and did what was and is right. I admire the Seniors that marched and kept smiling even though they were in pain.

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