Civil Servants use MUNI to count Homeless.


Care not Cash has failed to address homelessness in critical aspects involving the victims of homelessness.

We cannot decide to try to help the homeless with acute and serious mental, alcohol, and drug issues with a formula much like one would garner to embrace the fast food industry to provide a service.

We have more homeless today - may be not on the streets - but more under the bridges, the bushes, and in places that most volunteers would not dare to venture with or without armed or unarmed exhort.

At the many former cheap hotels also known as Single Residential Occupancy (SRO) the City and County of San Francisco with some unplanned program working with the Department of Health has decided to take on the homeless program - better know to the world as Care not Cash.

A visit to these SROs converted to accommodate about 120 homeless folks have 2 or 3 trained nurses - one or two social workers. The majority of the folks are hooked on drugs and alcohol. But what is most glaring the mental patients are throws among these folks.

It is practically impossible for the good nurses and social workers to work in such an environment. If what I am saying is not true - I challenge anyone to spend one single day in such a SRO or hotel turned into a mini-hospital or rehabilitation center. The formula is not well thought out and defies practicality and any hope for real solutions. I want Mayor Gavin Newsom to take note of what I am saying.

I see volunteers armed with pencil and paper and riding in MUNI buses going to places to take count of the poor and homeless. It is wrong to use MUNI buses and more too many Civil Servants to try to convince the world that Care not Cash is working. It is not. Today, the best possible care the mentally ill get is in JAIL! I repeat the best care the mentally ill get is when they are incarcerated. The main reason being right now the majority of the mentally ill do not have a system where they can get their medication on time and in an orderly Manner. No system outside the jail system where they are properly nourished.

The Care not Cash system cannot take of the mentally ill when it comes to giving the mentally ill their medication and good prescribed food. The SRO system has brought many ill and some dangerous folks and put them in a system and created a situation that many a time turns volatile. I have witnessed violence and victims become prey of those that steal and intimidate them. One does not expect the caregivers to now act as police persons. I want Mayor Gavin Newsom and Project Connect to take notice of this observation. Spend some time observing the lousy system you all think works.

In all the talk about the homeless and the exact count which is full of loopholes - no one takes count of the homeless that sleep and live in cars and move from place to place. This is an acute situation in the Southeast Sector and no one - barring the police can chase, follow, and catch up with the victims who have no place but their cars and vans as homes. This is chronic situation that needs compassion. Not some buffoons sent by the Mayor and his cronies - to take count of victims with no real solutions in sight. The Mayor has a good heart but people around him that do not. I say this because they should help him and not make a fool of Mayor Gavin Newsom.

Thousands of units at Hunters Point and Visitation Valley Public Housing are boarded and stare anyone in the face that has eyes and sense of accounting. The Housing and Urban Department (HUD) the San Francisco Housing Authority (SFHA) will have their excuses - but the fact it that they have failed America and in particular the constituents of San Francisco that are victim of poverty.

One has to spend quality time in our City Shelters. I challenge Project Connect to make a good assessment of the state of affair in the Shelters. Especially when it comes to Seniors and the Disabled. It is wrong to treat poor people with despise. It is wrong to treat the poor as criminals. It is wrong to think that the poor can be kicked around. I know for a fact that SFHA and the HUD officials have done all that and more. They have made huge amounts of money at the expense of the poor. Shame on them and shame on those that think this mentality is accepted in any civilized society.

One has just to read the stories of Section 8 and all the nonsense going on in this City and County of San Francisco. The thugs that were involved with selling Section 8 vouchers still ply the trade and keep intimidating poor folks. Most of them African Americans thugs who should be sent to jail for a long, long time.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has the names of the Section 8 thugs - so the City and County of San Francisco also knows who they are - but our cronies are afraid of there assess. After all the crooks of the old Willie L. Brown Jr. administration still ply their crooked trade without fear under Mayor Gavin Newsom and his young experienced Turks.

In conclusion let us not use our homeless folks and treated them with disrespect. Let us not dump innocent homeless with violent people many of them may be homeless but should not be given the ample opportunity to prey on the innocent. I have seen it all and I can tell you in plain language - one can fool some of the people at times but not all of the people all the times.

I have attended the pertinent so called Homeless Committee Meetings. I understand that Care not Cash works for those that are able, mentally sound, not addicted, have working skills, and have fallen on bad times. I do not think nor feel the majority of good and educated people can be fooled. It is wrong - rounding up the mentally ill and chronic poor and putting them in a program that has not been well thought of. More exposing them and adversely impacting the innocent poor - by putting them in harms way. The violent addicts and thugs should be sent to jail.

You buffoons that have millions of dollars at your disposal focus on Accountability - lest you have to deal with genuine JUSTICE. I hear a lot of talk which is cheap - there are those that do talk a good talk - but very few who can walk that walk. Care not Cash is a lot of hot air that is going no where!

Blessed are the poor for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

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