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Let's us get real. Anyone that is not poor, has not tasted the pangs of hunger for weeks and months, slept and faced the elements of nature for days, weeks, months and some times years. Have not had serious health and mental problems - well only these unique folks can really feel, speak, and know what real homelessness in all about. You feel me - buffoons! Care not Cash is simply NOT working. Where are the millions going to? Who can account for the millions set-aside for the innocent - poor?

I see Mayor Gavin Newsom and some of his young Turks treat the homeless with disdain. These young inexperienced folks have a long way to go. These few mislead folks do possess the mentality, mind frame or compassion to feel for the poor. The poor are not garbage - they are not bums and should never, ever been treated with disdain.

It is a shame when the poor are treated like a pack of cards. Recycled at the whims and fancy of those that maintain homeless shelters. Some few buffoons make spur of the moment decision without any meaningful community input.

I have said it before and will say it again - Project Homeless Connect - is a big disconnect. Even as was and is Project Complete, Project BS, Project more BS, Project Connect - a big, very big - DISCONNECT. Who ever thought of the name should go to JAIL - just because.

I have NOT only known the authors of these stupid title names for years but have followed the actions emitting from these crooks - absolutely NO Accountability and Transparency. They had connections with SLUG. They had connections with illegal activity during the last Elections. Even today - helping those and doling out millions to crooks in the Bayview. She- thugs with bad records and no accountability are being given money. Gang-bangers are given money - when all around them - innocent people are being killed. I want the Federal Bureau of Investigation to take note of this valid - fact.

Care not Cash is a farce. The services are NOT there and the housing in mostly Single Residency Occupancy (SRO) hotels is mediocre. When we incorporate the bed bugs, noise, drug and alcohol activity, prostitution, robberies and just total confusion of a sort that only can be experienced in person. Without anyone fully knowing that they are being monitored. I spent days checking it out and the more I got into it - the more I got floored.

Ineptness, lack of care, stress on the part of the care givers, the good and good feeling gets neutralized - and it set the morass of ineptness and disdain for the very poor and innocent - brought about by politics and buffoonery.

There is only one Supervisor that does not dis the poor - Chris Daly. Of course some one wanted to CENSURE him - that was not too long ago.

Bevan Dufty pretends he cares but the only care that satisfies his ego is his lack of understanding and pompousness that has attached to his form like fungi from the Willie L. Brown Jr. years. This is not like running the Neighborhood Services - trying to delegate and get things done using intimidation - and then pretending that all is well.

If anyone protects and helps protect the corrupt as does Bevan Dufty and that includes those that work within the Human Rights Commission - especially the Director - this fact and what I know about it - are facts that can open up a can of worms. Remember the day when Newsome was being sworn - I found a buffoon with some letter at HRC - doing the devil's work.

Most of our Supervisors do not like to be told - especially Hank. Sitting on that Chair with his Napoleononic Complex tacked underneath with his gout - he wants to rule the world - but then there was Saint Helena. Jake loves a good talk and talk comes easy - the sidekick buffoon dared to take me on - without understanding the issue at hand. It is the same with the homeless - the folks will go with the flow or try NOT to understand the abuse of the elderly, disable, seniors, mentally ill, others under acute stress. Listen after the facts - or after NOT trying to understand the fundamental issue at hand. It is just pathetic.

When Richard Marquez stated that sugar coating excreta is not ice cream - that is the best figure of speech that should hit the Supervisors, the Mayor and his Turks - in the face. But - let me tell you these folks do not get it. The poor for them are a commodity - and I know what I am talking about - because daily I listen to the poor and do something about it. Why did they transfer Joe Carruso? Where is James Flood? How queer is the equation when it comes to empirical data and meeting people face to face and doing the right thing?

The hearing on Monday, April 18, 2005 in Room 250 the Board of Supervisors chambers - was and is an eye opener. It was a hearing about the Homeless and more - the actions of the buffoons. Of course only the fools will go on the defensive - those that work in the trenches will work hard. There will no line in the sand. There are those who care for the poor and they do not work for crooks at City Hall. And then there are those that want to play with fire.

I love to see those that make money off the backs of the poor. I love to see those that love SPIN. I love to see the crooks burn in hell for lack of remorse and not understanding the harm they do to thousands. I love to see the true colors exposed when some that champions the - poor gives the crooks a taste of their own medication.

We have good people in San Francisco and most of them do not work for City Hall. We have Homeless Forums, Committees, and other fancy works all connected with City Hall - the are a disconnect. They are evil - with intent they will not do the right thing - with intent they will adversely impact - thousands of innocent people. Let us not kid ourselves. Today, in San Francisco on any given day - more poor people live in fear and make their homes in a car or van. More go deeper into the bushes and thank god of each and every day they see the morning rays - come sunshine or rain.

Today, Care not Cash gives but $59 and Mayor Gavin Newsom can consume a $300 meal and feel no remorse - no remorse - nada. At night he can sleep tight and not give a damn about the poor. The same goes for his crones like Bevan Dufty - who is tight with those, that do the Mayor's bidding. A puppet on a string.

Bevan Dufty I challenge you to infringe the First Amendment as you did at one of the San Francisco County Transportation Meeting in confronting me. I did not do you injustice but my respect for you is nil.

You love to chase your tail, wag your tongue and speak about Elephant Dung. Just review the 45 minutes diatribe you imposed of those listening to you - when you thought you were doing Tinker Bell a - service. She is dead and gone and with honors - you are what you are - a buffoon.

It is amazing when City Officials are grilled that they shirk the questions and want to be treated with respect. City officials on their various trips on City Time - paid by us San Franciscans - should work for the City in their offices not go into Parks and other Secure Open Spaces to dole harassment and other condescending improprieties on the poor. While all the time working on Project Connect with is a Disconnect?

Blessed are the poor for theirs in the Kingdom of Heaven. Those that harm the poor with intent - will burn in Hell for all Eternity.

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