Edmund is for Free Speech.


San Francisco has always stood for the right of free speech. Of course the crooks at City Hall and especially Bevan Dufty and Aaron Peskin have no clue what free speech is. Once Hitler saw to it that all free speech was curtailed - the world knows what was the result of that despicable move in history. Aaron and Bevan should know but they do not.

The Sunshine Act and the Brown Act permit every single woman, child and man to express themselves and express themselves without conditions. A word means nothing but actions speak loud and clear. While morals and ethics are important to judge character - a better yardstick are actions. Aaron and Bevan fail - because they talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

Joe O' from the Residential Builders Association has every right to write what he wants. And so does Francisco Da Costa. It is wrong for these two Supervisors to feel hurt - when the truth is told. Politicians are the scumbags of modern society. Most parents would never ever want their children to be politicians - they are liars, scumbags, buffoons - one could call them anything - morons.

When the public speaks that is their First Amendment Right. I hope the San Francisco Board of Supervisors understands this Right. The First Amendment Right linked to the Internet is far greater then the newspaper or the media. Hence many of us express ourselves and call a spade a spade. If little Hank wants to bring it on - let him bring it on. If the man that chases his tail like a dog - wants to bark and bite - bring it on. It is a shame when cowards cannot take it and want to involve the Sheriff to do their bidding.

I have heard Bevan and Jake run their mouth and wag their tongue for hours on end. Most of their talk verbosity and words that fail to address anything meaningful. Then when it comes to Public Comment - these fools will not only curtail the time and give you a minute or two instead of the meager 3 minutes - but will also take the opportunity to chide you. Anyone in any legal proceeding and meting has every right to call an order: " Point of Order". Point out a fault or disorder. Our Supervisors fear the truth and want to curtail - free speech. Well, in San Francisco they will be in for a shock.

Some months ago one demented Supervisor chose to CENSURE - another Supervisor - Chris Daly. It did not work and it will never work. Recently at a meeting many folks spoke harshly about Mayor Gavin Newsom's - Homeless Policies. No one can take the right from the constituents to say anything they want to. Some went overboard and for only one reason - they are fed up with some of the Supervisors and Project Connect. Of course Mayor Gavin Newsom will never ever get it - but that is his prerogative. We still love him for all his stupidity.

Bevan Dufty thinks that the very fact that he is a Supervisor - he should be given some respect. He will not get that from me - never did before and will never get it in the future. Aaron better behave himself if he wants me to address him - politely. Jake better be on my better book - so that I can have a meaningful dialog. I am not afraid of jerks - never was and never will.

Politicians in San Francisco in the last 6 years have taken a heavy toll of the poor and those that need help most. We need good representatives - we do not need dictators and stupid jerks that think they are above - everyone else. We especially do not need fools that are not educated on issues like Sophie Maxwell.

The time has come to stand up and fight. The time has come to send a clear and loud signal - buffoonery will not be tolerated from stupid Supervisors in City Hall. To the Supervisors I say: " Speak less and do more". More action and less talk. If it is too hot in the kitchen - move out and stay out. Bevan and Aaron you two cannot fool all the people all the time. Right now you two have fallen on your face - next you will fall on your butt!

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