Today is Earth Day
April 22, 2005
All over the world
Human beings will pause
To give their respects
To Mother Earth
Here in the United States
President George Bush Jr.
Has confronted environmentalists
He wants to destroy - Alaska
And open it to oil exploration
He faked it today
By visiting the Smoky Mountains
There was only one factor
That brought to my mind - common
His mind is as cloudy on the environs
As it is on all matters that really matter
This Earth is given to us to care as Guardians
Remember the genuine wetlands, marshlands, and grasslands
Remember the pristine lakes, the rivers, and the streams of yesterday
The mountains, hills, valleys, and the vast animals roaming Savannas
Well, the time has come to protect and preserve - Earth and all therein
To the few that understand the mandate - there much to be done - now
If we do not stand united - greed and corruption will sweep - everything
We have fought the good fight and the battles have just began
Watch out for the Bushes and others like him that cares not much
For Mother Earth, human life, and standards that most humans tout
The Mayors are coming to San Francisco in June - Environment Week
I hope Mayor Gavin Newsom will speak out the TRUTH - no SPIN
About the 3 Combustion Turbines and the expensive fossil fuel
The stinking Phelps Sewage Plant and the PM-10 flares - deep
Infant death - respiratory diseases - killings - youth on youth violence
The destruction of the Muwekma Ohlone Park - this was no joke
Lack of respect for the First People - daily pollution of Mother Earth.

Francisco Da Costa         April 22, 2005

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