The greatest civilizations thank God did not start in England, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Spain or Austria. I am talking about the civilizations that invented the alphabet, numerals, and the ground zero of Zorastarism, Jainism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Animism.

I am talking about Babylonian traits left on civilization and the findings of the Indus Valley. I am talking about the Aztec artifacts and those found in the Pyramids. I am talking about source of human soundings that the White men cannot fathom because of lack of spiritualism. I am talking of archeology and Africa and the secondary findings that are faulty.

Thank God we had the indigenous people of Africa, South and North America, the Aboriginals from India and Australia - the First People with all the goodness that tribalism brings to the fore. The tribes and clans of the Arctic and Antarctic and in between the Island People - Polynesia. The goodness of this force of humane and human beings.

Closer to home with had the Native People - with the HOPI leading spiritual values and meaning so prophetically sound that the White man was not only astounded, confounded, perplexed but all together dumb founded. To this day the Whites are trying to find peace and numb their tormented souls. They killed the Buffalo and they still steal the soul of Mother Earth. Money is their God and materialism their livelihood.

What has all this to do with Environmentalism? Environmentalism and the White Mentality that has accompanied it - did not have any clue of true spiritualism. An off shoot of extreme materialism and capitalistic morass - some folks with long hair and unsound principles thought they could vouch for those that were the care takers of Mother Earth for thousands of years.

The same is true of Racism and the Environmental Movement that came about on October 27, 1991 with the 10 Principles that have not gone too far from the toxic dumps and the Brown Fields that have increased all over the United States of America. So called Civilization. Death of Environmentalism began on day one when the Whites had no clue what the deeper meaning of life was. Today they are as confused as they were before and continue to be the advocates of greed - even as they speak of things green. The GREEN as in money is what they seek most - even as they try to enforce Solar Projects, and try to abate and mitigate lakes, rivers, watersheds, fake wetlands and marshlands - that they first polluted with the worse types of toxins in the first place.

The Sierra Club and those that belong to it - have no respect for human kind and one can see that when they try to address immigration issues. If one cannot have genuine understanding and respect for our fellow human beings - how can we vouch for nature, trees, the frogs, lakes, rivers, the fish, native grasses, animals, the birds and the bees?

Let us begin in San Francisco where all the land was stolen from the Ohlone. 18 treaties signed by the United States government and the various California tribes were never kept. All the land was stolen from the First People of California and the Ohlone of San Francisco and the Bay Area. Do you think the Whites admit this fact? Less face their evilness and doings with intent to steal and pretend that all is well?

Added to that the uncivilized Whites that went on killing the First People until 1924. A scalp could fetch $5 to $10 and this was till 1924. No one said a thing and the Governor of California even sent out special notices or edicts encouraging the rowdy uncivilized Whites to kill the First Peoples that lived in California for thousands of years.

When Lewis and Clark came to California some two hundred years ago - all that they saw was pristine land. There were thousands of acres of Redwood Forest and thousands of bear, elk, eagles, tons of salmon, native grasses, frogs in the billions, and all of the lakes, rivers, large tracts of water and the watershed was all pristine.

Then came the gold diggers and murderers the looters and the rapists and the vermin with mundane habits bordering the most uncivilized the world has seen. The big names of the biggest businesses before as do today - made their money by looting. The White Civilization worships money and as to spiritual values that have been the corner stone of indigenous people - the White Folks care not to give a hoot. Even the owls and the pigs behave better when you understand that so called Homo Sapiens with a white ass made a "pig" of himself and ashamed the animal that has no reason or so they say - but being an animal behave himself - better.

The indigenous people all over the world from the Adavasis that I have known and live in the north by the Himalayas or the Masai that roam the plains and valleys of the Rift Valley in East Africa - the dark skin people of Australia - the pigmies of Central Africa - the Bedouin of the Desert - I have met them and shared the deepest feelings - the common denominator is that they despise the Whites and all the stench that the Whites bring with their confounded uncivilization and mannerism.

The Audoban Society, the Sierra Club, the many so-called organizations that foster fake environmentalism is a disgrace to the human race.

Today more then yesterday RACISM is alive all over but especially in places like San Francisco. In the Southeast Sector we have butches like Susan Leal and Barbara Hale wanting to establish 3 Combustion Turbines which spew out particulate matter 2.5 and smaller - and no one seems to bother. Our infants keep dying but no one cares because they are not White.

Where is the Sierra Club the Goldman Foundation and the so-called Environmental Foundations that brag they understand and fight for what is right? It is a shame that we have such folks that are the most racist but what is more - very ignorant and misinformed.

In June 2005 over 100 Mayors from all over the world will be coming to San Francisco they all will be fed fake information - it is such information that has led to the " Death of Environmentalism ".

Uneducated folks like Mayor Gavin Newsom who thinks he can produce some electricity from the Ocean when he does not have control over the Transmission Lines and fails to understand what Community Choice Aggregation is all about - he has failed to created a meaningful dialog in this great City - San Francisco on any level. He has failed with Care not Cash. Mayor Gavin Newsom is quick to jump on the bandwagon of money and biotech industry while allowing the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to place 3 Combustion Turbines in the Southeast Sector. The Mayor has no understanding of Quality of Life Issues.

Most white environmentalist like Mayor Gavin Newsom have no spiritual source - they are empty and you see it in their words and more in their actions. Of course the "Death of Environmentalism " pertains to those that are NOT the caretakers of this earth - the came at some point on this Earth and invaded other places - always with a hidden agenda. Any takers?

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