" No person should have a political office because he or she wants a job. A public office is not a job. It is an opportunity to do something for the public. And once in office, it remains for him or her to prove that the opportunity was not wasted. "

                                                                - Franklin Knight Lane
                                                                - City Attorney of San Francisco
                                                                - 1899-1900

We have in San Francisco a guide called " Good Government Legal Guide ". An overview of the laws governing the conduct of Public Officials. And this includes the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. The manual can be purchased for $10.

I have stated before we have a number of San Francisco Board of Supervisors that wag their tongue too much. This is of course possible because the tongue has no bone. One likes to chase his tail like a dog. Another if given the opportunity will spew diatribe faster than the bullets flying from an AK-47.

Public Comment is important and I have taken time before to go out to City Hall and check out the buffoons. Dumb morons like Jake McGoldrick and Bevan Dufty. Others less sane individuals like Aaron Peskin. On occasion Tom Ammiano will get on one's nerves may be it is the Queen in him. I will not mention Sophie Maxwell it would be prudent if she is sent to school to be educated on issues.

The manual I have stated above it a must read for those that want to understand the idiocy practiced by most of the SF Supervisors. I have been watching them for the longest time possible and their bad attitude towards the Public has reached saturation point. In the future the constituents will speak up - they will have to face the music.

City Hall is the Peoples Hall and not a fiefdom for the fools that have no clue about the Sunshine Law or the Burton Act. Beware.

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