When Mayor Willie L. Brown the Black Mayor of San Francisco took office - he used his savvy learned in the back rooms of Sacramento and as Speaker for over 12 years to change San Francisco's City Charter.

I love going to the source to find out how things are working or to check out the operations of any organizations - small or big. With one stroke but using the constituents of San Francisco the City Administrator with the City Charter changed became a puppet over night and the Mayor took over the power that once City Administrators wielded in San Francisco.

Willie L. Brown Jr., the most corrupt Mayor ever to set foot in San Francisco City Hall took his conniving politics to the meanest level - when the Board of Supervisors rejected all his nominees for the City Planning Commission - he rejected all the nominees appointed by the Supervisors.

There was a stalemate - and when some small agreement was reached - Willie L. Brown Jr. nominated Bill Lee a City Administrator to sit on City Planning Commission. That in itself was a worthy fact to note - but Willie L. Brown Jr. rubbed it in - he told Bill Lee to his face take the job as Commissioner - and do it because I tell you - so. I would have stood up and told Willie L. Brown Jr. take the Commission job and shove it up your whatever. Then resigned as City Administrator.

Why am I going out of my way to relate this fact? Bill Lee has always played in safe. He sits on the fence and watches which side is green. In the long run this fact will come to haunt the man. He started in San Francisco a long time ago - monitoring environmental issues for the City and County of San Francisco. Rose up to be a City Administrator when being a City Administrator had some clout - no more today. Mayor Gavin Newsom has reward another corrupt official Ed Lee from the Department of Public Works with the post of City Administrator. I do not think Ed Lee should have been given this job. He is corrupt and I can tell him that to his face.

At DPW right now over 20 employees were fired just for doing their job. They were replaced by thugs because Mayor Gavin Newsom is using DPW as some City Department that can rehabilitate thugs - that type of decision belongs in the Correction System. Mayor Gavin Newsom with intent replaces good workers with thugs. Nuru Mohammed helps him do his dirty work. This is a crying shame.

Even as many former DPW employees that kept our City Clean were pleading to the Board of Supervisors for their jobs - April 26, 2004 in Room 250 at City Hall. The Board of Supervisor - most spineless bastards saw nothing in approving the decision made by the Mayor. One in particular Bevan Dufty with glee approves anything the Mayor does. The Mayor could appoint a poodle with which Bevan Dufty has many traits in common. Most importantly chasing his tail and wagging his tongue.

Our City has no class. The common citizen that pays taxes has to deal with potholes all over the City. Under Ed Lee and Nuru Mohammed our City has over $300 million backlog as far as road repairs are concerned. Millions of dollars given to DPW for road repairs and resurfacing by San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) is spent for other projects - other then maintaining our streets and roads.

DPW was involved with SLUG an organization that wasted millions of dollars. Both Ed Lee and Nuru Mohammed were intimately involved with SLUG. SLUG employees were used on work time to canvass for Mayor Gavin Newsom during the Mayoral Election. In fact Nuru Mohammed told the workers if you do not work in the Election Campaign - that the SLUG workers would lose their jobs. Ed Lee went along with Nuru and even to this day the same dirty tactics continue. DPW always cries it has no money. So it lays off good City workers and some have worked for DPW for 6 years and replaces 50 other workers most of them with criminal records. Ed Lee and Nuru Mohammed did this with the blessing of Mayor Gavin Newsom. These workers work for the City and our Civil Service Commission is doing nothing. Where are you Linda Richardson on this one? Both Linda and Nuru hail from Nigeria! Ever get any mail from Nigeria requesting you for your bank account?

As a ploy the Mayor and his cronies may use CitiBuilt Money - which the City got from San Francisco County Transportation Authority to train good citizens not thugs. I fought to get this $2.3 million. Imagine this money now being used for train thugs. Jesse Blout what do you have to say about this fact? You are never ever found in your office? I made several trips to your office and what is even strange - the personnel in your office change. Always new faces.

But once $2.3 million came to City Hall - Sophie Maxwell, Greg Assay, and Nuru Mohammed once a Campaign Manger for corrupt, inept, and arrogant Sophie Maxwell took over. Ed Lee knows about this, the Mayor knows about this, and the young Turks that surround the Mayor know about this. Jesse Blout knows about this, Dwayne Jones knows about this - in fact all the cronies know about this.

Now they are using this money - $2.3 million and the DPW connection to torture and torment innocent citizens that work hard - and fired hard working constituents that have always supported the City and County of San Francisco. Watch the tape before the BOS - April 26, 2005.

Since November the laid off DPW employees have been suffering. Some have families and have to pay bills. No one has given a damn. Our Board of Supervisor with the exception of Ross and Chris - look the other way. Aaron Peskin perched on his seat acts like Bonaparte some French guy that was sent to Saint Helena - as far as I can remember. Bevan Dufty has no balls and is a slime ball. Mayor Gavin Newsom cannot use SPIN when it comes to the laid off workers. Let's see. The local newspapers will not do investigative reporting. When one journalist was on the verge of revealing facts about Ed Lee and Nuru Mohammed she was transferred to another department at the Chronicle.

She did do a number on SLUG with some viable results. The scapegoat Jonathan a Nigerian who had no immigration papers. The fact of the matter was that Nuru Mohammed, Dwayne Jones, and Ed Lee was behind using SLUG workers to elect Gavin Newsom as Mayor. The crooks had some of their campaign workers insult, threaten, and destroy Matt Gonzales' signs. It was terror in the Bayview Hunters Point by thug and other rejects that civilized society - keeps at bay. The Green Party monitors saw it all. The San Francisco Police Department saw it all - Chief Fagan was in charge.

We do not live in a civilized society and of late our Board of Supervisors will not allow the Public to have their 3 minutes of Public Comment. The City Attorney has set rules but each and every day no one follows them. I even bought the $10 dollar manual that spells out the details - the BOS could not care less - they are out to make the constituents of San Francisco suffer.

No way should Ed Lee be the City Administrator. And for that matters Bill Lee get some token job at the Airport. Why this patronage? Why reward inept folks for their lethargic efforts not to serve the constituents of San Francisco? Who will investigate Sophie Maxwell and her connection with CitiBuilt and Nuru Mohammed?

Ed Lee is now City Administrator and Bill is out the door - working at the San Francisco Airport making $30,000 less and a sellout to Mayor Gavin Newsom.

If you are a man Bill Lee tell Mayor Gavin Newsom take that job and shove it? Take your pension and run for office - change your ways and be a better man. You after all were never ever in the closet. You have a culture and tradition that is over 5000 years old. Stand tall and do not bend backwards.

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