Mayor Gavin Newsom has no clue when it comes to the environment and the harm that he is doing without focusing on the empirical data that compromises Quality of Life Issues in San Francisco. He has no clue when it comes to priorities.

All of San Francisco technically belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone. The land was stolen from the First People - the Muwekma Ohlone when all of it was pristine. There were NO concrete jungles, no toxic spewing power plants, and no millions of diesel spewing vehicles on the freeways and by ways. There was no Hunters Point Naval Shipyard with radiological concerns nor the many pollutants from MUNI, the Phelps Raw Sewage Plant, hot spots from industrial waste - in short the First People took care of Mother Earth. The strangers never have.

Under Mayor Gavin Newsom's watch he has directly encouraged Susan Leal and Barbara Hale to place 3 Combustion Turbines by Pier 80 closer to Bayview Hunters Point. These toxic turbines emitting particulate matter 2.5 will directly adversely impact over 60,000 people. Does Mayor Newsom know about this? Will he tell the truth when the 100 Mayors come to visit us in June 2005? I will make sure they know about this? Any takers San Francisco Public Utilities Commission?

The Mayor brags that MUNI Lightrail on 3rd Street - the over $600 million project is in place. Mayor Gavin Newsom does not know that the bridge at 4th and King has come to a stand still. Mayor Gavin Newsom has no clue - MUNI Lightrail cannot cross over the bridge! While talking about the Stem-Cell Research Center he got carried away and mentioned that MUNI 3rd Street Lightrail would help the Stem-Cell Center - I do not know what he was talking about.

MUNI, SFPUC, and DPW have wasted millions at Islais Creek. Mayor Gavin Newsom knows this but I guess he wants a lawsuit to make him understand the point - guess when the City forks out he will understand. The Federal Government once gave all of Mission Bay free to Santa Fe. Then Southern Pacific took it over. And before you knew it Catellus Corporation. Same snake different head. Today Catellus has sold all of its assets to some other developer. It got all the benefits from San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) - got all the benefits from the City and County of San Francisco - and split. Marcia Rosen and Jesse Blout are partners in crime when it comes to Mission Bay. Mission Bay with so much space left empty - has much to desire.

Most of Mission Bay is toxic and what is more landfill. The whole area is prone to liquefaction. Mayor Gavin Newsom was shown geological maps at a recent Homeland Security meeting. He looked at the maps but I gather he could not see beyond his nose. Perhaps Gavin needs one to one tutorials - on liquefaction. Perhaps he is listening too much to Bevan Dufty and the other cronies like Jesse Blout who are leading him down the cesspool.

Right now many of youth have been left out cold in the street. Mayor Gavin Newsom will try to say that he supports our youth but in fact he has done real damage to many youth programs. As the Mayor of San Francisco he has wasted a lot of his time on gay issues and other factors that do not do justice to the constituents of San Francisco as a whole. For sure our youth are suffering and he keeps giving the filthy rich breaks - as he has with the Stem-Cell Crooks and Robert Klein, Don Fisher, Nancy Pelosi - no good individuals that suck.

Mayor Gavin Newsom should visit the Parks and Recreation Centers in the City and County of San Francisco. Take a look at the poor state of the playgrounds, the restrooms, and the recreational facilities as a whole. Our youth need help and they need good recreational facilities. This must be a priority. How has Mayor Gavin Newsom helped the constituents of San Francisco with Open Space projects?

The City and County of San Francisco do not have a Housing Element based on empirical data. The City and County of San Francisco do not have a Transportation Document created by the SF City Planning Department. What does our young flamboyant somewhat dubious Mayor think about these two vital documents that governs any good City Planning? What do the cronies think about these two missing documents?

By Islais Creek the SF Port Authority wants to build a movable bridge. This new bridge if it is in place will carry millions of vehicles spewing diesel and other toxins into the air. This bridge will ruin acres of Open Space and harm the Bay. This bridge is very close to the proposed 3 Combustion Turbines and yet have not been factored into the equation. There has been NO Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and the Coast Guard has not been told the truth.

Our City and County of San Francisco are losing families. They are fed up with Mayor Gavin Newsom and his cronies. The San Francisco Unified School District is in San Francisco, sits in San Francisco but the Mayor has not been too concerned about our youth and the needs of the Schools in San Francisco. He is not really concerned about Summer Jobs.

More youth have died recently and he knows about it but cannot do much. He talks the talk but cannot walk the walk. The same with that other poodle Bevan Dufty.

Gays seem to get a lot of attention but may be they deserve it.

AIDS is taking a heavy toll of our Health System. Billions of dollars because of some life style that is not in check. Recently there has been an increase of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). These folks go to our hospitals that we all taxpayers pay and take away a lot of our resources.

The State and the Federal Government has been generous - but the City and County of San Francisco should stop encouraging perverts to stretch our resources. I guess Bevan Dufty should be made the Czar of Safe Sex and Fair Play. Enough is enough.

Families in San Francisco cannot get good housing. Yet recently lots of AIDS patients have been moved up the ranks by the Mayor Office on Housing and created an unhealthy atmosphere. SPIN and MEDIA BLITZ keep Care not Cash in the news. Today we have more homeless and more power to the 800 or so that have been housed. But what about the 9000 that have no where to go? What about the hundreds in Single Residential Occupancy (SRO) that are thrown with drug addicts, violent thugs, and adversely impacted daily?

Project Homeless Connect was never brought before the voters. Project Homeless Connect was never ever discussed in a meaningful manner. Yet we know that millions have been spent - harassing the homeless and giving care to a few. Now and then a Dog and Pony Show - as when some fortunate homeless folks have had their feet massaged. It would be good to give this opportunity on a weekly basis. Our poor need the love and may be the Mayor can now learn the finer tips of feet massage.

Mayor Gavin Newsom - I have been following your progress. Gay marriage and Stem-Cell is good and to a point. Better still address Quality of Life Issues. Have a meeting with the Youth Commission and hear what they have to say? Have a meeting with our Elders and hear what they have to say? Have a meeting with me and bring your cronies along Dwayne Jones, Jesse Blout, Alex Tourk and hear what I have to say?

Over 20 good people were fired from the Department of Public Works. Thugs and folks that do not meet any Civil Service requirements replaced them. You, Mayor Gavin Newsom know this and you allow your cronies Nuru Mohammed and Ed Lee to do your bidding. You cannot run away from this great misdeed - return the workers to their old jobs - especially those that worked over 3 years at their jobs and did their jobs well.

MUNI is a mess. Metro East construction is been stalled. How can you really see to Metro East construction (if at all it starts) and agree to build 3 Combustion Turbines 50 feet from this building. Why do you and your Administration have no respect for human beings? Where do you think the PM-2.5 will go? Where do you think the pathogens will go? As a Jesuit product you should have some sense. The firing of Jim Hutchinson was wrong. For all the wrong reasons you are destroying the Building Inspection Department. This great wrong will come to haunt you. You cannot and should not interfere in the operations of any Department that is doing good and providing good service to the constituents of San Francisco.

In the last Elections you won because of the Absentee Votes. We all know this. You did not get a mandate. Only the fools that are not educated on issues - fall for your SPIN and Dog and Pony shows. Time will tell. In the meantime do what is right because that it what you ought to do. Take it from someone who speaks the TRUTH and is NOT afraid of CROOKS.

In the mean time all Quality of Life Issues require attention and the focus of your cronies most of whom do not live in this great City - we call San Francisco.

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