I paid my dues when I attend all the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) meetings for years. Then made the extra effort to attend the meetings at City Hall and all over San Francisco to advocate for youth job training with the then proposed $2.3 million that SFCTA had set aside for youth training and jobs.

Previously the MUNI 3rd Street Lightrail job training was a mess. Dwayne Jones who then headed Young Community Developers (YCD) was the prime culprit - wasting the talent of our youth and more millions of dollars. The man does not live in San Francisco and use San Francisco to make his living. Dwayne Jones left YCD to form Project Complete. While at Project Complete he still got over $9000 from YCD. Go figure this and so did one Lisa Gray whom works at Mission Bay. Both of them on YCD pay roll while the youth has no money for so many vital needs. While the better workers at Chocolate City II are and were under paid. Some worked hard so that the crooks could live of the fat of the hard working employees at Chocolate City II and on the backs of the poor youth that could have used the money.

Once the thugs knew the money - some $2.3 million was in the pipeline - Sophie Maxwell, Dwayne Jones, Laura Luster all lined up with a plan to fill their pockets and deceive the youth that need help most. The Community had a job-training plan that fitted well to the needs of the community at large. We met all over the City Potrero Hill, the Library at Revere Street, Glide Memorial. We the community had a plan that best met the needs of the community. The plan was stolen and Sophie Maxwell creates her own thug team - with Greg Assay incharge.

Once Sophie Maxwell and Dwayne Jones got wind of the money. The blood thirsty thug in them - made them hire Laura Luster and paid her $50,000 to write a " training plan " that stinks. The plan has been in place for over 9 months and is going no where. A phony plan to start some dubious training at the Village site with Visitation Valley Jobs Training and Employment (VVJET) is going no where. Black crooks that do no live in San Francisco are now put in charge of this training.

The Chinese help that VVJET got from North Beach has left to go work for the Goodwill. Does that say anything to the Black she and he thugs that prey on our youth and yet call them Trainers, Politicians, and Heads of City Departments working for this Great City and County of San Francisco? Why do we need such commode scum do such disservice in our City? More to our youth that we love so much?

Sophie Maxwell is a dumb, inept, ignorant and very arrogant person. This idiot of a woman - no good to the Bayview Hunters Point area came up with the Mandala Model of Training. In Oakland this model is a grand failure. Over 60% of those who got the training were never placed for long term jobs.

We are NOT Oakland we are San Francisco. In San Francisco we have working models that have helped thousand of Blue-Collar workers. Of course the he and she Black Thugs that purport to know some little stuff about training and management are out to fill their pockets at the expense of our youth. I am calling a spade a spade. Be very careful of Laura Luster, Dwayne Jones, Jesse Blout, Nuru Mohammed, Sophie Maxwell and any ONE-STOP OPERATION that has any remote connection with Project Complete.

Dwayne Jones started Project Complete and Project Complete has been sending letters purporting to help our youth and working with Community Based Organizations (CBOs). Project Complete has NO track record yet wants the CBOs to be well qualified to do the dirty job of Project Complete. As can be expected Lennar BVHP LLC is also linked to Project Complete. Both Lennar BVHP LLC and Project Complete are an anathema to the constituents of the Bayview Hunters Point but more to the City and County of San Francisco. Project Complete is located at 41 Doran Street off Bayshore and Industrial. Go check out the located and facility - very interesting. We all know that the 49ers now want to build their Shopping Mall and Playing Facilities near the Monster Park better known to the world as Candlestick Park. Plans to build at the radiological polluting area at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard have been shelved. Brown Fields and toxic hot spots capped or uncapped commanded very high insurance. Paying an increase of 400% in insurance premiums will send most developers away and rightly so.

Project Complete and the other Black Thugs are working behind the scenes pretending to created job opportunities and training opportunities. The same old crooks that worked for Private Industry Council (PIC) - the failed crooks that preyed on our youth in the Southeast for years. Who will take these scumbags to task?

CityBuild is a joke and the Mandala Model is not any model any sane San Franciscan should deal with. Dwayne Jones and Sophie Maxwell can have it. CBOs be very careful of any ploys brought to you by Sophie Maxwell, Laura Luster, Jesse Blout, Dwayne Jones and Nuru Mohammed. These vermin have no place in any decent society. Especially those that do not live in San Francisco.

I want the City Controller to take note of this so-called training using our youth as a ploy - while scumbags make money on the side.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation should be brought in as soon as possible. The Federal Transportation Department and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission informed about the waste of money. It is time to investigate the San Francisco County Transportation Authority that has chosen to make strange deals without Accountability and Transparency.

The Community at large would like an evaluation about CityBuild - it has been in operation for over 9 months. Right now it is busy wasting over $700,000 of the $2.3 million that the leaches are waiting to devour. We do not need this Black she and he thugs posing as City Department Heads, so called consultants that do not live in San Francisco, Haight Asbury type politician - preying on our youth. Get rid of the commode scum as soon as possible.

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