For sure the youth in the Mission have been taken for a ride with Dwayne Jones and Mayor Gavin Newsom taking the lead to prompt Private Industry Council (PIC) to go forward and create a one stop facility to YO YO the youth all over San Francisco and do great injustice to the youth in the Mission.

Mayor Gavin Newsom and Dwayne Jones have no idea about the plight of the youth in the Mission. Mayor Gavin Newsom talks the talk but he does not walk the walk. As with the Care not Cash - here again we see Mayor Gavin Newsom take his advice from Dwayne Jones who does not live in San Francisco. Dwayne has always lived outside San Francisco and the only reason he is here in San Francisco is for his paycheck.

I am sick of City Officials who play our youth like a deck of cards. Our youth are not stupid and the idiots who mess with their lives should go shack up in some desert away from civilization and surely away from the youth that have too much to deal with reality. The political buffoons have no business messing with the lives of the youth in the Mission.

In a previous article I mentioned a letter from Mayor Gavin Newsom requesting PIC to favor the one stop model which will adversely impact many youth that have to cross turfs and put their lives on the line. Mayor Gavin Newsom has not been able to curtail the youth violence and more he cannot understand youth violence. 5050 Evans in a War Zone and more it is polluted.

I could reveal information that would shame the Mayor but at this time I will not. The Mayor keeps making promises to the youth and not delivering much. Summer is coming and the Mission youth need all the help they can get. The Mission youth do not need the divisive politics and the nonsense that stems from the Mayor Office and more from the Mayor Office of Community Development.

Stop Yo Yoing with the Youth of San Francisco.

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