Lennar BVHP LLC is going on where at least for months to come with all its aspirations and dreams put on the hold on Parcel A at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Lennar BVHP LLC from day one chose to deceive the community and when you plant a corrupt and evil seed the tree that germinates EVIL and all that it may bear in the future - worse. Roy Willis tried his best bribing and using thugs to do his bidding. Right now Lennar BVHP LLC has been taken to court by a developer who has the money and the wear with all to dump Lennar BVHP into the cesspool of doom.

We all have said it is critical to have an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) that not only reflects and bears the facts of the site and project - but more safe guards Quality of Life Issues for the community. Lennar as a company has a track record building homes on toxic dumps. I get many e-mails from folks in Florida that tell me a lot about this dubious company. Lennar has done nothing for any community in terms of Quality of Life Issues.

Closer to home Lennar partnered with the very corrupt Marcia Rosen from the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and Jesse Blout who now heads the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and WorkForce. Lennar's EIR on the Shipyard and more precise Parcel A is faulty - some how - some where - in the EIR it has two " traffic analysis " going in different directions and what is more reflecting the nonchalant attitude - corrupt developers exhibit when power goes to their head.

Lennar BVHP LLC has used money to buy people and more used mostly Black Thugs to carry out its outreach. In San Francisco that will not fly - even though Hank the angry dwarf and his buddies gave away the Hunters Point Shipyard and Parcel A. The only two sane Supervisors that opposed the conveyance - Matt Gonsalez and Chris Daly. The other Supervisors could have done the right thing but they do not care for People of Color and the Southeast Region - they did the Racist dance - they sold out. Our children are dying and we said in plain language do not have anything to do with a site that is prone to liquefaction and radiological factors. But no one would listen.

Sophie Maxwell the inept, corrupt, ignorant, and very arrogant dumb Supervisor had high hopes to build 1600 homes in the middle of Chernobyl. Sophina Maxwell has no clue - ignorant as she is and not educated on issues. Where is Lennar BVHP LLC going at this moment? Lennar is going down the drain and into oblivion. Every month this project is put on hold - it will have to shell out millions. That is how it works. A ripple affect that will teach Lennar a good lesson and more the sellout Supervisor that voted for Lennar and the crooks behind this EVIL project.

Notice recently how the San Francisco 49ers chose not to have anything to do with Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. The 49ers for all the right reasons have jumped from the frying pan to the fire. Both Hunters Point where they wanted to build their facilities and the area around Candlestick Park now Monster Park - are prone to liquefaction.

What is more NO GOOD will come from any plans the 49ers dream. It was wrong for those that unearthed the bones of the Ohlone and spread them around Candlestick Park in the early days when they build Candlestick Park and its surroundings. No good will come of any project that is built around this area. On this one it is about Karma not an EIR only.

Alex Tourk who is close to Mayor Gavin Newsom and closer still to Mr. John York is working hard behind the scene to make the deal look good. One important factor in life to bear in mind is that one cannot fight Mother Nature - liquefaction. Also the harm done to the Ohlone and their Sacred Burial Site. Of course the fools know nothing of what I speak because they are not educated on issues. Have no sense of history and what is more are corrupt and greedy. In the mean time the fools that rushed to help Lennar BVHP LLC are wondering what is happening? Remember the over 40 meetings in a month to rush and have the Disposition and Development Agreement in Place? Remember all the thug activity at the many San Francisco Redevelopment Agency Meetings. It has all come to - naught.

Lennar the multi billion dollar company could NOT produce a good EIR on the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. The developer that has chosen to take Lennar to court has money and you will read it all soon - in the Business Times and all the leading newspapers. But always remember you read it first here.

It is strange how some folks get it in the butt - Mayor Gavin Newsom is enjoying it - and loves every moment of the fun he is having with Sophie the dumb ass, Hank who loves "salty words" and Dufty the man that chases his tail like a dog.

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