JUNE 1-5, 2005

San Francisco is the center of many environmental organizations. The pity is that most of these environmentalists have failed to address very serious environmental issues right here in our backyard - in San Francisco. On many occasions I have addressed many advocates and explained to them the serious pollution issues all over the City and County of San Francisco - including the Presidio of San Francisco that is Federal Property. Glaring examples Batteries Caulfield and Wagner.

From time to time there is some consensus that the Southeast Sector consisting of Bayview Hunters Point has many toxic hot spots. While this is true all over the City and County of San Francisco - we do have serious pollution issues and other issues that adversely impact the health of many San Franciscans. In the Southeast our children are dying.

Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ) with Dana Reid Lanza as its Director is the most egregious environmental organization whose whole purpose is to exploit youth and young children to make money. LEJ works with San Francisco Environment the most corrupt City Agency in the City and County of San Francisco. Most of the projects LEJ are so fake and shallow that it is mind-boggling how no one cannot see through the pretense and blatant abuse of common sense and abuse of environmental principles and values.

There are others too that in the name of the Environmental Movement pretend to address so called environmental issues. We cannot take our children to a toxic dump and brag that we have taken 5000 children, as does LEJ when they take our children to Pier 98 also known Heron's Head Park. This park is 50 feet away from the most toxic spewing power plant called Hunters Point. Mayor Gavin Newsom knows about this but does not do anything. The same holds good for the Board of Supervisors and Hank the little angry dwarf who does not care less. The worst among them Sophie Maxwell who will bless anything LEJ brings to her. Many environmental organizations do not know what is means to respect Mother Earth. These organizations do know some about pollution and how for so many years Mother Earth has been polluted. But when you ask them one on one what does it mean to really respect Mother Earth they are silent. The reason is simple most of these folks do not have a solid spiritual background. A glaring example Dana Reid Lanza. It is always her way or no way.

Soon many Mayors from all over the world will gather in San Francisco? Most of them will attend Dog and Pony Shows. Most of these meetings will be held at Lower Fort Mason and at the Moscone Center. None of the bigger meetings will be held in the Southeast Sector. The reason is simple - the Southeast Sector is one of the most polluted places on Earth.

The cronies from the United Nations will come and some SPIN will try to impress them. It is a shame we live in a world where crooks with no principles and perverts will try to push for things - environment.

The First People always respect the Earth. They never ever wasted and used just what they desired to use - wasting little. Today, on one hand with Dog and Pony shows in very vague terms - fools will try to talk about our Environment. The world knows that the worst bears of environmentalism are folks who live here in the United States.

Of late the United Nations has failed us all on many fronts. It is a fact that the United Nations has failed us on many Environmental Issues. Beware of the Dog and Pony Shows that will be held all over San Francisco from June 1st to June 5th, 2005. World Environment Day is the biggest hoax perpetrated on human beings. San Francisco wakes ups and calls a spade a spade.

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