Dr. Robert Muller and Francisco Da Costa.


This event was held at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco and was designed to advance the establishment of a Peoples' Parliamentary Assembly with the United Nations.

This event was held on Saturday, June 4, 2005 from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Dr. Lucile Green who passed away some months ago was the Founder of Citizens for a United Nations Peoples' Assembly. She dedicated her life to the creation of this body for nearly six decades. Last year I remember attending such a gathering at the State University in San Francisco. We all miss her and we all feel her spirit.

This year there was much talk about the Peoples' Parliamentary Assembly and we all heard some experts talk a lot and explain some very difficult concepts. Diatribe and verbosity should make way for simple words and clear concepts. We hope the aspirations of those that envision such a concept, as a true UN Peoples' Parliamentary Assembly never fades away. The European Parliament and the Swiss Parliament in particular are moving in this direction and leading the way.

Recently the governments of Denmark and France threw a curve ball and halted the process but we hope the reason they did so was to fine-tune the transparency and accountability. That this is a small storm in the teacup and soon all will be well. Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

Speaker after speaker at today's event made reference to the present United Nations and the Veto power given to a few nations to thwart the wishes of those smaller nations that are right many a times. Mostly rich White Nations with a hidden agenda created the League of Nations followed by the United Nations. Nations have changed and times have changed and the common person in countries like China, India, South American, Africa and the Middle East today is a force to reckon with. Smaller Nations want meaningful dialog and gone are the days when those that deny them can run away from their responsibilities forever. Here in the United States we really are not a democracy - we are a Republic. Our Electoral System is flawed and the people really do not have the power - the power rest today in the Electoral College and those with big money who set the agenda and force others to follow it.

A glaring example today over 1 trillion dollars of arms sale is fast growling. We sell more arms today then we did during the Cold War. The United States and many Republicans see nothing in this trade. Today many Superpowers want control of Nuclear Arms and will not declare a total ban on such destructive weapons that really have no place in today's world. Foremost among those that wants to preserve the domination of Nuclear Weapons and technology - the United States.

The United Nations has failed the world when it came to Rwanda. And today in Darfur we see history repeating itself. We saw that in Bosnia and we did nothing when millions died in Cambodia. Most everyone agrees that the United Nations has a role to play - but most everyone does not know that the United Nations is at the mercy of those Nations that have the Veto Power.

If the United Nations were given $50 billion a lot of nations would be happier for it - education and economic prosperity would reign. When the request was made a paltry sum of $12 billion was appropriated. We see nothing in spending $1 trillion killing others and selling weapons of destruction. Where is the intelligence given to Homo Sapiens?

In creating a UN Peoples' Parliamentary Assembly is it critical that we involve the YOUTH in greater numbers. It is very easy to talk the talk but very difficult to walk the walk. I am not talking about allowing one representative youth talk on behalf of many. It is critical that we engage youth in numbers so that we can hear the diversity of voices and make them the soul for future dialog. Our youth are our present leaders and from them will arise the power and the changes where in past decades their Elders failed the world and where they have succeeded some fell short. We have rich spiritual teaching in the Vedas, the Upanishads, the teachings of the Buddha and that of Zoraster. The Jain teaching and that of Bhai Faith, the Torah and the Bible, in the writing of the civilization of Babylonia, and that of the Aztec and Mayan, the Egyptian and the Chinese, the Japanese and that of the Polynesian Islands. The ancient civilizations in Africa and that of so many places where the indigenous people lived and did not dare write the DNA of wisdom. Today we have failed our First People and continue to keep them out of the equation. America learn to respect our First People and give to them all the Federal Recognition denied for decades to so many Nations and Tribes. The time is now for the land was stolen from them.

Western ways have failed us and led us to a series of wars. Western Forces created the two World Wars over Greed and lack of communication. With the infusion of Nuclear Weapons the equation has changed and with Nuclear Weapons on alert and ready to go at any given moment - our world and Mother Earth is at the mercy of mostly White Folks that have lost their sense of Spirituality.

Today we have worse Hitlers then the one that killed himself with his mistress in the bunker in Berlin. He may have not known so much but today the Hitlers of our contemporary world know - and yet they with intent plot with evil designs - the oil holdings and other such material stuff that defy imagination. Thousands of innocent women and children mostly have died and the world leaders feel nor think nothing much.

Again and again when we analyze the sad state of affairs the Nations involved can be counted on one hand. War is not a means of attaining power and this we have been taught by history. Great Empires have collapsed because they lost their humanity. It was not necessary to go to war and kill so many in Iraq. The genocide in Darfur must stop.

World Powers have tuned and look the other way and waited for years while daily thousands die. The world has lost its humanity because it has put its trust in the hands of evil nations and leaders who lack compassion. Genuine love cannot come from those that have numbed their souls we have such a person in the White House - today. Here in California 18 treaties signed between California tribes and the United States Government have not been ratified. This land we call ours was stolen from the First People. So if the Peoples' Assembly is rightfully formed and power given to the First People will this land be given back? Or will it be a stance to tell the First People others have to move forward while the First People are relegated to the misdeeds of those evil powers that today continue to suppress many innocent nations and people all over the world.

Great men like Robert Muller I have known and great women like Dr. Lucile Green. I my life time great men like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the Mahatma, Pope John Paul II, Mother Theresa, and many others have left their tracks. Not everyone has agreed with them but they chose to speak the Truth. Often times those that have gone through the fire speak the truth and those that speak the truth are persecuted and riled.

Human ingenuity knows no bounds. A tsunami is rising and some can see it and others cannot. Just like the changes of the past many of which were scoffed at the time has come to empower the common person with full rights and privileges but more deliberations in a meaningful dialog at all levels. We cannot leave our youth with rules and regulation that fail humanity and etch distrust in our present leaders. Our Elders in the past have failed us because they have not planted a good seed and the few they have planted they failed to nurture.

Our world cannot hope without the Hopi and the Sacred Scriptures. Our world cannot progress without full rights for women and children. Our world cannot move to any level while we fail in dealing with the tsunami of racism, greed, lies, and materialism of the worst order. Our world cannot heal while we permit humanity to hurt with lack of ethics.

The time has come to empower women, children and men with a new creation and a model that can take on world issues with humility - the United Nations Peoples' Parliamentary Assembly can be a reality in the next decade. The process is tedious but one that should involve meaningful dialog at every level. Embracing those that before were left out of the equation.

A gathering of the minds.

Mrs Muller with little Ms. Lazalo.

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