Hank negotiating with Crooks.


The San Francisco Board of Supervisors under the unable direction of Aaron Peskin a man who suffers from inferiority complex is a joke. Closely followed by Bevan Dufty who loves to chase his tail like a dog. This man can wag his tongue on issues that do not matter to the majority of San Francisco and even among those he feels close. They doubt his ability to deliver. Jake McGoldrick will wag that tongue but most people understand him to be clueless. The most inept among all the Supervisors Sophie Maxwell - each of her Resolutions adopted by the SF Board of Supervisors are shallow and impact almost no one.

You have Fiona Ma who is now after those Oriental Massage Parlors. There is a strong demand for them and as long as the Board of Supervisors in toto agreed to give the power to the Health Department and took it away from the SF Police Department - we know how well informed the Supervisors were. Fiona has gone after youth and computer games, then youth on skateboards and now after the world's longest profession. In fact if you watch closely there is not much of a difference between the longest reigning profession and most politicians.

You have Michela Alioto-Pier she still thinks she is with Al Gore the most stupid Vice-President ever to team with any United States President. AL was so dumb as to NOT invite Bill Clinton to help him in his run for President. It is this dumb move that brought in the present Chump we have in the White House. The Iraq War and a host of hostile moves against those that do not share Republican values. Michela Alioto-Pier tried to impress some of us with a censure and when she got more then enough of that - she now tries to portray herself as some representative trying to represent some group or constituents - she is heading down the precipice with or without help.

We love our Queen Tom Ammiano - he is growing old and his jokes are as stale as ever. He was never educated on issues - his short temper tantrums and his tirades with Jake McGoldrick are simply signs of his old age - the Queen has walked up too many stairs and the time has come to move over and get lost. With or without makeup. Sean Elsbernd does injustice to Jesuit education. He has miles to go and his chosen issues are as conservative as many a Republican. Tony Hall at least spoke his mind and we knew more or less what he meant. This guy sits on the fence and he eases his ass the way most constituents do not approve. His teaming with Michela Alioto-Pier speaks volumes.

Geraldo can do better and his silence on important issues is not something the constituents approve. On other important issues he waivers and at times will speak on minor issues and make a mountain out of a molehill.

Chris Daly and Ross Mikarami are perhaps most appreciated by the people at City Hall in Room 250.

It is a joke to watch Hank pompously try to enforce his two minutes mandatory Public Comment gimmick. The people cannot be silenced. And Hank must remember that if ever a fool there was it is he - and the short and tall of it - is that Hank is no seasoned politician.

San Francisco has a history of Free Speech and many a great leader has gone to Room 250 to express discontent and content on many issues. The present San Francisco Board of Supervisors under Aaron Peskin is a joke. Aaron is not educated on issues and his arrogance has forced him recently to apologize publicly in the same august room from which Hank tries to shout down his foolish mandates. He badmouthed Arlene Ackerman who heads the San Francisco Unified School District.

I have watch Bevan Dufty the man needs some urgent medical attention. His love for those perverts that have ruined our City is pathetic. The more he shouts for help the more he will turn the majority to monitor the sad state of affairs. Our City resources are being wasted and the man thinks he is a savior. We have sufficient of those terse benders.

The same holds true when it comes to Sophie Maxwell she will follow the money. Bending backward to accommodate crooks and people that have no intention to help the constituents of San Francisco.

The City and County have a Precautionary Principle Ordinance. Most of Board of Supervisors has not read it - again and again they mock it.

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