Indigenous people all over the world have known the inner beauty of trees but more the respect of a living and growing natural phenomenon that has helped maintained balance of the Environment all over the world.

It has been my privilege to be close to trees all over the world. I was born in Nairobi, Kenya. I had the privilege of being around trees and have loved their companionship up to this day. My travels all over the world have further instilled in me a deep reverence for trees.

There is no civilization in the world that has not respected the tree and that for what trees stand in the relationship of every day living. The huge redwood can make one stand in awe and respect its majesty. But so can an oak tree, a pine tree, a palm tree, a teak tree, a mango tree, and any tree.

Today, it is a pity that greed and uncivilized folks have cleared huge tracts of trees so that they can make money. Others cut trees without any consideration to make room to cultivate or for other reasons. Mostly to make money. They care not about climate change.

For thousands of years indigenous people respected the tree and the forest. This deep respect for trees built within themselves an abhorrence to disrespect the cutting of large tracts of forests. The forest meant so much to the indigenous people that greedy folk - could not understand. Much like the greedy folks that cut down the majesty redwood trees before and do so even today.

The Irish have a strong relationship with the tree hence the Tree Mandala at the beginning of this article. The Scots too have a deep relationship with trees. As I said most caring folks going way back when care and cared for trees. Leading arborists have tried to tell us that we have to take care of our trees. Environmentalists educated on issues have told us to grow trees. City Planners and others that care have fought for Open Space and that includes trees.

Here in San Francisco our Board of Supervisors and our Mayor - know next to nothing about trees and less about genuine Urban Planning. We have nothing much incorporated in our General City Planning and still less with Urban Planning linked to our SF Planning Department.

The San Francisco Department of Environment (SFE) issues policies but when it comes to caring and growing for trees - it has nothing much to show. Kudos to the Friends of Tress and leaders like Milton Marks Jr. that have cared for trees and planted trees to replace the thousands that once stood tall and helped our environment in San Francisco.

In less then 5 years with all the pollution that our San Francisco Board of Supervisors encourages - our children will be dying from a serious of respiratory diseases. In less then 5 years we will NOT be able to eat anything from the Bay. In less then 5 years we will not be able to enjoy a walk in any park - because of the toxins that our Board of Supervisors permits to pollute the air, the water, and the land.

In the year 2005 when most educated Cities stay away from fossil fuel. Here in San Francisco our San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) want to place 3 Combustion Turbines (CTs) that will cost the tax payers over $ 200 million.

The 3 Combustion Turbines (CTS) will use secondary effluents also know as treated sewage. This water used to cool the CTs emits pathogens into the air. Pathogens kill and the SFPUC, the Mayor of San Francisco, the SF Board of Supervisors, Susan Leal, Barbara Hale, Karen Kubick and the dumb, inept, ignorant Supervisor Sophie Maxwell - think nothing of these polluting 3 CTs and the very expensive fossil fuel. These folks think nothing of the tons of toxins that will kill the constituents of San Francisco. We have corrupt folks like the Bayview Hunters Point Advocates. Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ). Folks like Dan Lanza, Karen Pierce, Olin Webb, Joe Boss, Steve Moss, and a host of other so called environmentalists that have sold out - and adversely impacted the constituents of San Francisco by their double standards. Leading the pack Sophie Maxwell the most despicable woman ever to set foot in City Hall.

We have in San Francisco a $100 million Solar Bond Measure that is going no where. The project should have started 3 years ago. We have no leadership at the SFPUC and none at all with Susan Leal at the helm of affairs. This woman surrounds herself with pathological liars all with a hidden agenda that befuddles common sense. They ganged to fire Edward Smeloff the only qualified and sane person to understand Energy Issues.

As long as we keep silent and allow these perverts to pollute our air, land and water - Mother Earth will continue to suffer. Our San Francisco watershed is not in good shape. Our drinking water was stolen from the indigenous folks that live in and around Yosemite. Today, SFPUC continues to mock the ratepayers and continues NOT to maintain, repair and upgrade our Hetch Hetchy system.

I have watched trees cut here in San Francisco - hundreds of them for no reason what so ever. I have seen City Departments pollute with no penalties. I have seen those that pretend to stand for our trees and pollution within the City and County of San Francisco and pretend to make policies - pollute. This has been going on for years but more so in the last 10 years.

Let us not permit crooks like Susan Leal, Sophie Maxwel, the man that chases his tail like a dog, Hank the spineless President of the Board of Supervisor, Jake the clueless, the likeness of Alvira, the aging Queen - Tom Ammiano to take us to the cleaners.

To my Irish friends let us view the Tree Mandala and take inspiration from the wealth of information. There is a deep connection between the Oak Tree and Bridgett. There is much we can learn from the redwood, the pine and the palm tree. We can and should fight corruption. To all people of good faith - do not keep quiet even though Hank thinks the two minutes do some justice at the meetings he presides. I see the Supervisors wag their tongues and make statements that fall on deaf years. Verbosity and diatribe seem to be the forte of the crooks and uneducated on issues.

In the meantime City Planning is going backward instead of forwards. The Constituents of San Francisco are fed up with crooked Commissioners representing the Building Inspection. More so its henchman who brought in a new direction heading to the cesspool.

The Commissioners from the SF Redevelopment Agency, the SF Public Utilities Commission, the SF Port Authority Commission are adversely impacting San Franciscans. These vermin are adversely affecting our Quality of Life issues. It is time we rid them of their power and send a clear signal to those that harbor them.

Mayor Gavin Newsom means well but is surrounded by jerks - witness the movie that was made in his office by the 49ers. Hank has apologized for his perverse actions in public. Bevan continues to fight for dogs and less for straight human beings, Michella is out to dictate policies and use cyber technology while she sits on her commode at home to conduct BOS processes. It is amazing how these jerks act and more how they talk to the public at large.

On the 3 CTs these jerks have failed. On Parcel A and Hunters Point building 1600 homes in the middle of Chernobyl they have failed. On the Islais Creek conduits they screwed themselves. MUNI Lightrail cannot cross the bridge at 4th and King and the BOS continues to brag. Mission Bay is a mess and the City continues to give more breaks.

We talked the talked during World Environment Day (WED) but no real action. Again and again the BOS has failed in following its own Precautionary Principle. Today we have more pollution then we had 10 years ago. Today more half-untreated sewage flowing into the Bay then 10 years ago. More toxins into the air, water, and land then 10 years ago. The BOS has screwed the Quality of Life standards by their nonchalant attitude - with the exception of Chris Daly and Ross Mirkarami.

I have spoken about the Trees hoping against hope that when the jerks look at one - they change their evil ways. Think about Quality of Life Issues.

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