All Islanders Gathering As One.


The Association of World Citizens held a special conference at the University of San Francisco from August 2-5, 2005. Leaders from all over the world attended this conference and those that could not sent the attendees good wishes.

Mr. Charles Mercieca who is the President of International Association of Educators for World Peace stated very clearly that the main purpose and focus of the United States government at all levels is to defeat peace. More ignore all those organization that work for peace.

This information is nothing new to those who are educated on issues and especially those that have the details of how our U.S. military works on the highest levels.

Today some retired Generals and other high officials that formerly worked for the Military now frankly admit that the plans to defeat peace and to work for the arm industry is wrong. They warn the White House to change their policies and embrace peace talks.

Every year U.S. companies sell over $1 trillion and more in arms. We cannot talk about peace when daily the United States makes deals to sell arms in the trillions of dollars all over the world.

Today more money is spent on arms and bombs then on health, education, childcare, the Nationšs infrastructure and many other vital needs that our Nation requires to have in place to serve the constituents of the United States and beyond.

The United States will not sign the vital documents to curtail pollution and climate change. The United States will not sign any pertinent documents to rid off all Nuclear Arms. No power that wants PEACE can continue to build and sell arms to kill and destroy.

It is wrong to exploit people and what is happening in the States today is just that. We cannot have peace in the United States until we make peace with the Native Americans. We cannot make peace until we learn to have peace in our hearts. We should learn not only to talk the talk but walk the walk.

Samoan Youth.

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