The World Citizens Peace Conference held at the University of San Francisco from August 2-5, 2005 ended today on a high note. The conference voted, accepted, and adopted the Human Manifesto Project and is aiming once again as it did years ago to have as many prominent world citizens sign it. If all goes well this Human Manifesto will be published in the New York Times and should bring world attention to the signs of the times and a clarion call to PEACE.

Once again leaders like Dr. Hong Tao Tze the President of the Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL) and his over 40 members who followed him from Taiwan was the singular important impact made on everyone present. FOWPAL practice love and peace of in their hearts by volunteering every single day and following the key elements of peace in all matters. The Cultural Program is excellent and they have performed all over the world with their impressive shows.

Many other leaders such as Dr. Lawrence Carter, Douglas Mattern, Brian Foley, Dr. Charles Mercieca, Mike Whittey, Susan Zipp tried their best to express themselves on matters linked with Peace and the Peace Movement. It is the same stuff one hears at the many conferences with no goals and no real timelines. Little to embrace our youth.

As in the past youth were missing in the real dialog and deliberations. You have old people still trying to dictate notions, concepts, ideas, and dreams without involving the youth. I tried to infuse some dialog but there seems to be an undercurrent rip-tide that the organizations really do not want to deal with.

The time has come for less talk and more action. The last session agreed to create a website so that some brain storming could be done. We cannot do any brain storming without being educated on issues. I was listening to one so called expert talking about the United States taking over the skies and working on weapons to control and kill the enemy.

It is a shame that trillions of dollars are spent on weapons that are sold all over the world. It is a shame that billions of dollars are spent to create weapons that will play a role to kill in coming weapons that may attack the United States.

Right now the United States does not have the ability to arm our soldiers in Iraq with the best equipment. Our Hummies lack the protection from the many bombs that destroy the Hummies and have taken a heavy toll of our service women and men. The White House cannot and does not have a mechanism to protect itself from an attack such as a small air plane. It came as a great surprise when the Pentagon was attacked and we are vulnerable in many other areas such as our ports all over the United States.

The times have come to reveal to the world the trillions of dollars spent on weapons that we do not need and expose those that manufacture them. The Cold War has ended and the imaginary enemy that we think will attack us — is not there. We no not need nuclear weapons to defend ourselves. In fact we should lead the way and get rid of our nuclear weapons and other weapons that defeat the purpose of embracing humanity.

We should feel ashamed that our Elderly are not taken care of. That our children have no books that keep up with the times and are current. Many in the United States have no Health Insurance. There are many poor in this rich country that belongs really to the First People that cannot eat one square meal. The billions we have spent in Iraq could have been used at home. Our roads and other infrastructure are old and yet we care not for things at home and are greedy for oil.

We know that these wars help those that make weapons. In many cases in places like Afghanistan and Iraq weapons are tested. We know for sure that the 5000 lbs bombs were used for more than one purpose. Little do we know about Karma? We cannot kill innocent people and look the other way. The times has come to scream and tell the fools who think they are defending the United States that in fact they are responsible for the death of the thousands and more all over the world. Peace conferences bring like minded people to one place. However there is no deep logic to the gathering. Most of those that speak do not act. It is by acting that we can stop talking too much. The diatribe and verbosity is in plenty and the convoluted language makes the deliberations even more difficult.

It is mind boggling when so called experts fall prey to the propaganda of the war mongers, those that trade in arms, and those that favor war.

We have not learned much from the earlier wars and incidents like Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We still talk as if nothing much happened. We learned nothing from Vietnam. We have NO business in Iraq and we cannot continue to think some American policy makers can and should dictate to innocent people and take matters of life and death into their hands.

If those that plan to control the climate by artificial means think they are doing right they are dead wrong. If those that plan to control the outer realm of outer space without due consideration to all human beings; they are dead wrong. While many continue to make and sell arms all over the world in the trillions of dollars these weapons kill and harm innocent people. If many think that PEACE has no place in this world they are dead wrong.

Every heart should embrace PEACE and every heart should spread PEACE.

In centuries past we have seen great Nations fall and so called great men fall to their knees. In past centuries we have seen Empires collapse. Today the United States proclaims itself a Super Power by bulling and dictating terms. This nonsense must stop and all women and men of good faith should be careful of those philosophies that embrace the weapons race that will end in doom and destruction.

Today we have millions dying in Darfur and other places. This is a crime crying to heaven. With a few billion dollars we can feed the world but we choose to spend trillions on arm and destruction. We can help the world learn better in schools by providing good education but we prefer weapons of mass destruction that were invented by the United States. We import arms and embrace men like Sadam Hussein and then just like that we think we no longer need such men; we make them our enemies. This double standard much stop and those that promulgate such policies should feel ashamed of themselves.

The Peace Conferences can impact millions only if we are educated on issues and plant the best seeds to import good policies and ideas and neutralize those other ideas that harm and adversely impact innocent people all over the world. Peace begins at home and so far the response in terms of numbers in the United States at these conferences has been minimal. Mostly old folks trying to sell concepts that are not challenging. On many a level very shallow and without a strong vibrant vision.

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