The United States has not learned much from all the death, sorrow, and misery that we created and had to live with when we entered the war in Vietnam. To this day we have to deal with serious wounds and scars and still we were stupid enough to go to war when there was no concrete reason to do so in Iraq.

The United States should learn that we as a sovereign nation have NO right to invade another sovereign nation. We should have learned our lesson a long time ago but for some strange reason we think we are a Superpower and can do things without consulting and giving Congress all the information. Time and time again the constituents of the United States are misinformed and rightist groups will go with the flow just to placate the wrong policies coming from the White House.

Right now over 1800 of our service women and men have died. This should never have happened and more so after we rushed to take the capitol of Iraq and now cannot assure our own health and safety.

The people of Iraq are changing their view and more and more they are against us. They have no running clean drinking water and in many areas electricity is available just for a couple of hours. Sewage runs on the streets of Iraq and many families live in fear. Thugs control the streets and force those that can afford to hire armed body guards to preserve their safety.

The United States has spent billions of dollars. Some estimate as much as $300 billion. This is a lot of money. We could have used it here at home in the United States of America. Our schools and hospitals need money. Our aging infrastructure should be replaced and the many pot holes repaired. Many of our aged is suffering from medical and other vital cuts. We need money to support youth programs and Law Enforcement in the many cities were crime rules supreme.

We force our military to take tough assignments but we do not compensate them. Those that are injured should be given a million. As the year go by the richer get richer and the poor get very poor. City after City complain about the homeless and the lack of good paying jobs. In the mean time outsourcing and building factories abroad have become a fashion and local jobs paying good salaries are scarce.

If we deem ourselves to be a Superpower the least we can do is provide our troops with the best equipment. Again and again our troops are not equipped and are targets. Our Hummies are prone to road bombs because they are not fortified. It is a shame when our brave soldiers tell us they have no ammunition and lack the best communication when it comes to radio and other state of the art equipment.

Our soldiers are dying and the Nation is fed up with the lies that are coming from the White House. More thousands of good soldiers have lost their limbs and cannot take care of themselves when they were trained to be independent and self reliant. The Nation has listened to the lies for a long time and it is time for the Nation to empower itself and do what is right. Go to Walter Reed hospital and see for yourselves.

The Iraqi people are confused and care not so much for what we call a democracy when we ourselves are a Republic. We want the Iraqis to give equal rights to their women when they have been trained and brain washed to follow the dictates of their clergy that control their daily actions from the mosques. We think we can change the ways and habits of a nation and people that have been taught to look down upon all things Western and American as evil.

It is time we pull out from Iraq just as we did from Vietnam. We cannot afford to suffer the causalities and we cannot bear to hear the pangs and torments of the many relatives, friends, and parents of our dead service women and men. Our soldiers were never trained to be policemen and women - they were never trained to be sitting ducks.

Many Muslim Nations do not like us and the longer we stay and try to forcefully convince Muslim Nations to change their ways - the more we will incur the wrath of some folks that no one can reason with. The recent bombings in London should serve as eye opener and it is time we find a way to exit and let the Iraqis deal with their destiny. It is very sad to hear the stories of those service men and women that are bed prone. Other that will be in wheelchairs for the rest of their lives. Still others that will be using artificial limbs and learn to live all over again with missing limbs.

Some war mongers and policy makers cannot and should not use our soldiers as a ploy and that is what is happening today. I have seen first hand what happened after Desert Storm and Shield. Thank God we did not spend too much time killing and invading deep into Iraq. Now we have entrenched ourselves and the enemy is taking pot shots at us. This is plain wrong. Our soldiers should be home where they belong.

We thought we could get some cheap oil. Today we buy oil from Kuwait and sell it for cheap to the Iraqis. We spent so much money and much of it go to contractors that have ties with the White House. The corruption that is going on in Iraq with the blessings of the White House is pathetic. The silence is hurting our economy and the good people of America. Bring our soldiers home now.

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