SFJD Probation Chiefs and Jeff Adachi.


It is always fun to see good people do things in a way that brings the best in all people in our great City where we treasure diversity but more hospitality. We like it more when it happens in the Bayview Hunters Point.

I was there the first year Mobilization for Adolescent Growth in our Communities (MAGIC) put on an event and gave away over a thousand backpacks and I was there this year. This year hundreds more came to join hands with friends on a nice sunny day in the Bayview.

There was lots of food and I saw some folks work very hard to carve out some choice pieces of watermelon tasty too. There were lots of hot dogs and drinks to quench the thirst of the many youth who were having fun running and enjoying the many fun games.

Kudos to the many volunteers and I count myself among them. It is the sacrifice that makes the love all the richer. The Elders were having fun too not so much running about the place but having a sense of security and knowing that all was well in the community. Meeting and talking to friends.

There was a time when all the various neighborhoods in the City and County of San Francisco had fairs, gathering, games, and a host of events that brought people together. Over the years this changed and I am glad that now those that value the communities are rallying behind events such as MAGIC.

Last Saturday there was such an event in the Visitation Valley and thousands came and had a good time. Before that we had the Brown Bombers events and put our best foot forward. Now it is MAGIC all over again and the youth feeling loved and happy.

I always will spend my time talking with folks and trying to catch a moment that my camera will say more. I thought the two Probation Chiefs with Jeff Adachi who is our Public Defender said it all with the smiles and the watermelon. The crowds surrounding them were having a good time and that is what the event was all about. Over a thousand youth and more from 5 years to 17 years got a backpack. They won other prizes too and took home lots of fun gifts that the many agencies were giving away. I took some from the Museum of the African Diaspora and the folks at the table recognized me from an early article that I had written.

Youth Community Developers had a table and so did Brothers Against Guns. San Francisco Public Utilities Commission was there giving out gifts and we also had the San Francisco Zoo bring out some animals for the children to have fun with.

Many other Community Based Organization was vying to spread the good word and offer services. That is what it is all about serving our youth and offering quality services especially when one rakes in money from the City through grants.

I met many old friends and they were happy to learn about the Environmental Issues that I fight so hard for in the Bayview Hunters Point but also all over the City and County of San Francisco. I also love our youth and join with stalwarts such as John Nauer, Jeff Adachi and others to make our world a happy place.

I had a good time and I am sure many others felt the way I do. We all look forward to another MAGIC event full of fireworks and fun.

Good time at the Magic Event.

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