Brown Bombers Cheering Team.


Perhaps the best kept secret San Francisco in the arena of youth sport is the dedication of the coaches that give so much love more sacrifice to serve our youth. Rannon Ross and his wife have devoted a lot of their time but it is the love that they share that makes the Brown Bombers what they are today and what they will be in the future. The parents show their love by attending the games in full force.

There is a whole array of dedicated volunteers that do what is takes to make everything work. When four of five teams play on any venue on one given day it means that the volunteers have to be up at 6 a.m. to set up the venue. If the games end at 6 p.m. the volunteers after the clean up leave the venue late very tired but full of hope and love in their hearts.

As an organizer and facilitator I watch the effort and admire the long hours put by all the coaches. Some of them stand out as many Brown Bomber coaches are involved with our schools and going places. The contribution of the Brown Bombers goes beyond just playing games.

I watch the youth and love to talk to them. They tell me they feel good when they win and love to play for the Brown Bombers. They are proud of the teams, the coaches, the uniforms but most of all the love that goes around. The girls are proud to be Cheer Leaders and the Parents love the San Francisco Brown Bombers. Lots of genuine love and sacrifice all around. I wish the San Francisco Brown Bombers the very best.

It is always fun to watch the cheer leaders that sing, dance, shout slogans, and do anything and everything within their power to cheer the various Brown Bombers teams to victory.

Two Saturdays in a row I have watched the Brown Bomber youth perform well in the pre-season games. I am looking forward to the other games and wish the parents, the youth, the coaches, all the volunteers well. Thank you for all you are doing to serve our youth.

John Nauer and his Bomber Team.

Herm Lewis and his Bomber Team.

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