It may shock the world to know that here in San Francisco we do not have a single San Francisco newspaper that does sound investigative reporting. Our local newspapers cannot be compared with the San Jose Mercury, the Los Angeles Times or any of the many good newspapers of New York. They can be used to line the cages that parrots and the like make ado.

At one time we had many good newspapers in San Francisco and these many newspapers informed the reader and kept many of the corrupt and devious politicians in check. For example some years ago it would be next to impossible to have a dumb, inept, corrupt person like Sophina Maxwell occupying the seat of Supervisor. Thank to poor reporting the woman in making hay while the sun shines.

The same could be said of Bevan Dufty and Aaron Peskin two very manipulative politicians with hidden agendas. Bevan Dufty talks from both sides of his mouth. A transplant from Southern California he still brags a lot but nothing much when it comes to concrete action. Often hovering in the back room with Mayor Gavin Newsom using his life style as a hook he wants to be some one when in fact he is nothing much.

Aaron Peskin has a constituency that is mostly Asian and by playing one faction against the other this crafty fox has managed to not only be a Supervisor but the President of the Board. He is but the shadow of my good friend Matt Gonzales. Aaron Peskin spews diatribe and baffling language that would stop the chatter of the chimps and the howling of the hyenas in a split minute.

Fiona Ma a transplant from New York is another ambitious tart wanting to go to Sacramento when she has not done much in San Francisco. Again and again this woman has targeted children and youth when it comes to computer rooms, skate boarding, and other extra curricula activities. She has ventured into areas such as Chinese prostitution but paid little attention on a regular basis to quality legislation and political whoring. Tom Ammiano the Queen and the senior senile veteran on the SF Board of Supervisors is losing it and it is time he takes a break and disappears into oblivion. Please spare us the headache and do not ever even mention his name as the Superintendent for the San Francisco Unified School District. Some 10 years ago the man had some talent but with his face lift the man has sunk to the very bottom of the pit of corrupt and divisive politics. There is only so much of the life style nonsense we can hear after some time it becomes too boring.

Geraldo Sandoval has his eyes on the Accessor's seat but will not get it. As a Supervisor he has chosen to sit on the fence and watch and see which side is green. One would have thought that he would be for the people but he has chosen to be aloof and learnt his lesson the hard way when his last election bid went very sour and landed him in court. His new diaper legislation says it all.

It is a joke to see Jake McGoldrick still thinking he understands simple concepts perhaps his days in France has influenced his brain much like sourdough not stored well and ill prepared. The man has introduced legislation like the Better Neighborhood Plus which will fail but more has already given fodder to stupid politicians like Sophina Maxwell and her cronies to destroy neighborhoods and divide the constituents.

Sean Elsbernd may not face the difficulties that his boss Ton Hall faces today. Beware of Mayor Gavin Newsom it is all about using folks to make his politics tick. Elsbernd and his conservative way of thinking are really out of sync when it comes to San Francisco and San Francisco contemporary way of thinking and doing things. I would have thought his Jesuit education would have done him some good but I am disappointed.

Michaela Alioto-Pier is trying her best and the best thing going today is her spontaneous chuckle at the meetings. Most people come away impressed that she can juggle politics and yet chuckle and try to convey some little message that soon gets lost in the laughter of the moment. Now she is here and soon no more. What are we to make to all this? Chris Daly and Ross Mirkarimi try to keep the San Francisco Board of Supervisor on track but Ross must really be disillusioned at the mediocre way most of the Supervisor think and what really motivates them to carry out many of their day to day actions that adversely impacts the constituents of San Francisco. Chris Daly is that saving grace the morning Expresso that sends some clear signal to wake up.

The Don Fishers, the Richard Blums, the Walter Shoresteins, others who purport to represent the people in the Senate and the Congress are busy making deals to line their pockets and fill the coffers for the next election. We have the worst type of crooks ranging from those that hail from the august halls of the Plumbers Union to the former politicians hanging around like Willie L. Brown Jr. all making deals with very narrow interests. It is all about what is in it for me and very little to better the Quality of Life of the constituents.

There are just a handful that can read into the makings and deals at Treasure Island or Parcel A at Hunters Point. The Mills Corporation is stacking its cards trying to take control of Monster Park and is back with its stinking Shopping Mall that failed the first time around. Why is it that some folks are never sincere and always want to stab others in the back?

San Franciscans should never have opened their doors to Lennar BVHP LLC to corruption the likes of Larry Florin and have influence on Michael Cohen, Jesse Blout, Marcia Rosen, Saul Bloom, the SF Redevelopment Agency and Commission and use thug and others who have spent time in jail to strong arm and take control of vast areas like Mission Bay and the Southeast Sector. Also that one Real Estate firm very close to the 3rd Street Caltrain Station that harbors the likes of Dracula leaching on the goodness of San Franciscans.

Dirty stinking politics brought the ruin of the San Francisco Airport Authority and billion dollar deals. It did the same with City Tow and San Francisco Port Authority. Deals like $90,000 linked with Pier 94 and Specialty Crushing with one Police Commissioner and others all crooks involved in some Backland Pier 94 Project. The San Francisco Environment playing a role and our Controller at a loss for words. San Francisco politics today pales before put the doings of the Barbary Coast days. In those days things were done in the open and everyone really knew what some one was capable of doing. Today the sly vermin, commode scum, the lowest of the lowest purporting to be Supervisor, politicians, some drab leaders, commissioners seating on the Building Inspection Department doings are inept, arrogant, and what is most astounding a pain in the ass. Just listen to that Hersh and his recently appointed fellow jerks one wonders what is really happening to this City? Is this the City has know how?

We do not have one single Television Show that will expose the crooks. Matier and Ross are so close to Willie L. Brown that listening to Phil Matier one almost feels that he is a clone of the former Speaker gone sour and trying to hang around the closet full of moth balls.

Matier could do well by going back to the construction of Pacific Bell Stadium, the SF Airport, Catellus and Mission Bay and revealing to the Public his investigating reporting. Matier is stale and the man has to resort to walking in the night in his preview TV advertisement before coming on air and failing us each and every time in recent times.

How many life style appointments can make this City tick? Jose Cisneros and Susan Leal are boring, Bevan Dufty and Tom Ammiano stale, no one knows in a quake which way AnneMarie Connroy will shake? Mayor Gavin Newsom using Spin and Media to win some artificial support but fails again and again in every vain attempt.

It took MTV to expose the homeless scandal to the world. Crime is on the increase with strong arm robberies and car thefts of the increase. We have child molesters lurking all over San Francisco. Gays holding our health system hostage by spreading diseases through promiscuous activities. It is all about getting out of the closet and denigrating family values. No one has the guts to speak out because one has to be kosher.

The fake likes of Dwayne Jones and the many Connect Projects have brought disgrace to our City. We cannot treat our homeless as did Hitler. Make plans to welcome the victim of New Orleans and fall flat on our face. Notice the recent fake reception of people of color at the door of St Mary's Cathedral? San Francisco politics stinks and even as this bastion of Democrats is slowly losing ground the aged Senator and wrinkled Congressperson representing San Franciscans are as fake as the two inch make up they wear every single day. We need change, out with the corrupt and old and bring in some new blood, fresh ideas, vision and women and men that are family oriented.

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