Many of my friends know her and some of them love her music. Well, I had not heard her music before but what I heard from a distance at City Hall brought memories of another singer; Jewel.

The Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services every Wednesday has some presentation at the steps of City Hall in the rotunda. I have heard people and singers perform before but as I said this singer sounded like Jewel and so I decided to sit down, pay attention and listen.

There were not too many people in the audience but the very few that listened to Essence loved her music. I had my taken my digital camera to attend another hot political meeting but since I was here; I took the liberty to click a few shots of Essence at San Francisco's City Hall.

Mayor Gavin Newsom presented Essence with a certificate and Essence was very pleased with this gesture. I went to the far side of hall and there on the table I saw and bought a CD named Mariposa.

Essence is a very intense singer and her lyrics are down to Earth. If one pays careful attention she bears out her soul and does poetic justice to her creations. I love poems and from time to time will indulge myself and express myself and do it all without any editing.

I was listening and what I heard seemed to be just that; lyrics free flowing and about the good, bad, and ugly that "essence" feels left some scars on her soul. The woman is a volcano.

Blue Bear, School of Music teaches music to folks of all ages. This school of music has been in operation since 1971. The school has produced many talented musicians; many of my good friends that are good musicians know about the school. Essence teaches at this school.

Please visit the Blue Bear, School of Music:

Please visit "essence" at:

I wish essence all the best and I hope I get to talk to her one day.

essence at SF City Hall.

essence with an Award.

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