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Mayor Gavin Newsom's emblematic problems stem from his poor judgment and his lack of good information, advice on important issues. We have seen this very clearly on the many critical and pertinent issues linked to all the projects linked to San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and his anointing of Susan Leal who is NOT an engineer and very inept. His advisors screwed up big time on this one.

We further saw another glaring example at Treasure Island; with NO Time Sheet and no Business Plan Mayor Gavin Newsom chose to again anoint Tony Hall and tries to address critical projects with a hidden agenda. He lies to Tony Hall and disrespects the open progress and shuns civility. This issue bit him in the butt big time!

Mayor Gavin Newsom has No idea about Cumulative Pollution on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. When Mayor Gavin Newsom showed no leadership and permitted the conveyance of Parcel A and made a fool of himself by giving the Under Secretary of the Navy that polluted one dollar bill in public it showed his poor understanding of the issue at hand. Mayor Gavin Newsom failed to honor the Proposition P and the over 87% yes on a total clean up of the Hunters Point Shipyard to Residential Standards. We are talking radiological elements.

Parcels B, C, D, E, and F are not clean and need abatement and mitigation. Mayor Gavin Newsom sees it fit for 1600 housing units to be built on Parcel A. That is like building 1600 homes in the middle of Chernobyl. Further Mayor Gavin Newsom is working with Arc Ecology a foreigner to Bayview Hunters Point to cap the worst parcel; that is Parcel E as Open Space. Only a fool would go in for such a concept. Much like Mayor Gavin Newsom gave in to Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ) permitting LEJ to build a Living Classroom at Pier 98 which is a Toxic Dump. Our children should not go to this site that is on San Francisco Port Authority jurisdiction. Dana Reid Lanza is White and lives in Oakland; she exploits people of color in the Bayview Hunters Point. Monique Moyer could not vote her conscience on Pier 98; Mayor Gavin Newsom and you remember that as well as the recent trip to Ireland.

Mayor Gavin Newsom defied logic by hiring an inept AnnMarie Conroy to head the Office of Emergency Services. Having no qualification AnnMarie Conroy chose to get some basic training at Monterey while on the job at tax payer's expense. The few OES dog and pony shows with very little Public Input that are held in room 201 are a shame and disgrace to all intelligent people. Thousands of dollars are wasted with a Blue Print that does not meet Emergency Protocol Standards. Our test will come when we have to execute the plans in any Emergency. So far there has been a lot of back patting and pitiless engorgement but no real results linked to real emergencies.

Mayor Gavin Newsom we have 900 miles of sewer pipes that are over 70 years old and in bad shape. Over 1900 miles of clean water pipes that are over 75 years old; if a Big One strikes most of them will not be in operation. Now figure how your hydrants and your reservoirs will function? Think about all of our roads in bad shape and add to that the flood from the broken pipes. This is just one scenario among a thousand that I am painting and which you can fathom without your consultants and advisors whispering sweet nothings in your waxed ear.

Mayor Gavin Newsom you started your charade at Middle Point in Hunters Point by playing basket ball. Go check for yourself the situation at hand. Hundreds are being evacuated and left homeless. Hundreds more live in vehicles that your Project Homeless Connect enthusiasts have not counted or helped?

Any simple analysis of the poor will lead anyone to fully understand that the homeless are given shelter which is good and a limited amount of money that is detrimental to the health of homeless and those NOT categorized as substance abusers. They are in the thousands. The limited amount of money kills the homeless slowly and also forces them into a mode that deprives them of progress. The only ones that make progress are the skilled and healthy homeless that are young and may have fallen on bad times. These amount to less then 2% of the total homeless. Health issues and health benefits linked to the homeless and especially the Elderly are on the back burner. State monies available for Mental Patients should not go to a corrupt foundation such as the Progress Foundation. Progress Foundation has been making money off the back of poor mental patients. They are so close to Mayor Gavin Newsom that he hardly knows a thing about them. I am monitoring this situation very, very carefully.

On Mayor Newsom's watch many serious issues arose at Laguna Honda. Mayor Newsom has no sense of history linked to Laguna Honda. Once started by San Franciscans and named Alms House today and tomorrow Laguna Honda should accommodate the Elderly and those that are Disabled. Young Substance Abusers should not be allowed to prey on the Elderly and those that cannot defend themselves. These folks have no place at Laguna Honda Doctor Mike Katz!

Being a dyslexic Mayor Gavin Newsom should remember that I have a few good friends that are dyslexic that I have helped attain their full potential. It may be difficult for him to read lengthy reports and fall on his advisors to do the home work and inform him about genuine facts. This does not mean that Mayor Gavin Newsom cannot use his good judgment and Jesuit education to discern and make the right choices.

Crime in on the increase all over the City and County of San Francisco and while we cannot and should not blame Mayor Gavin Newsom per se; his advisors cannot stay still while Mayor Gavin Newsom is swimming in a cesspool full of very bad advice. Mayor Gavin Newsom has yet to resolve the haunting issues related to the San Francisco Juvenile Department and the incarceration of our youth and the many that are sent out of State. Work on this on a war footing.

I have gone out of my way to meet Director Sifferman but there is more to this story. Mayor Gavin Newsom has heard too much about the Log Cabin and should resolve to help the youth and deal with the staff there that are inclined to catch a flu called disability and leach on Workers Compensation rather then making themselves available to help the youth that need urgent help. Our youth cannot be treated like scum bags and that is what I see with my 20-20 eye sight. In recent months I have gone out of my way to observe the facilities that we offer our school children. While, we can blame the San Francisco Unified School District for some; the City that prides that is knows how fallen short have and that too with a dwindling youth population.

Parents do not want to stay in our City and are leaving in the thousands. Our City's population stands at about 760,000 and we have an influx of Asians and Latinos that are not getting the help they should get. We are quick to receive their taxes but very slow to give them their benefits. We do not serve our growing and contributing Samoan population.

Mayor Gavin Newsom has a soft corner for children and has done all in his power to help them. When I say Mayor Gavin Newsom is NOT doing his job; I am in no way saying and mean that Mayor Gavin Newsom is a very bad person. Mayor Gavin Newsom knows what hardship is having being raised by a single mother and understanding what it means to be a under dog. Mayor Gavin Newsom seems by osmosis to listen to wrong people when adjudicating critical issues and that stems from very poor judgment; more life style.

Mayor Gavin Newsom made a big fuss about the Biotech Industry. His Director for Economic Development and Workforce worked very hard. Why so much silence; we have not heard much recently and why this deft silence? I see South Korea, Japan, England, China, India, and many other countries making many breaks in this very new field.

Mayor Gavin Newsom we call San Francisco a Transit First City. Can you please request the SF Planning Department for a Transportation Document? Also please ask the SF Public Utilities Commission what is happening to the $100 million bond measure linked to Clean Energy.

Richard Sklar likes to monitor any one coming to an empty barn perched high and interrupting so many times at the many dog and pony shows linked to SFPUC. Mayor Gavin Newsom when are you planning to relieve Susan Leal and may be anoints another person to fill her seat?

The November 2005 election is at hand and Mayor Newsom will be in for a shock. The Assessors Office and that of the Treasurer will have candidates in place and have nothing to do with your machinery. Keep massaging the side bar crooks that advice you; Nancy Pelosi, Willie L. Brown Jr; Don Fisher; Richard Blum; the so many that come to your office offering you evil gifts of disunity steep in ingenuity.

We see Mayor Gavin Newsom that the plans are in place to take over Monster Park area with a shopping mall and other mix use facilities. Please read the South Bayshore Plan and make note that Double Rock and its constituents have rights that were incorporated a long time ago by community leaders.

Some one thought about the poor the rampant redlining that is engulfing huge areas in the Southeast Sector a long time ago.

Did some one ever tell you that the Main SF General Hospital was built by the residents of Bayview Hunters Point. Before that the old red brick buildings catered to the populace and did not get proper services. Now suddenly we have crooks that want to move the SF General Hospital to Mission Bay which is polluted. Save Saint Luke's and the others that cater to the poor, hard working that pay taxes and little return for services health or other wise.

Please leave the SF General Hospital alone it is seismically much more stable then Mission Bay that is prone to drastic liquefaction. No figure that Mayor Gavin Newsom.

Our SF Police Commission is fading out of existence. Gayle Orr-Smith the crony of the inept and corrupt Sophina Maxwell is going out thank God. Mr. Keane tried his best but is best suited to the Media and Media Spins the President of the Police Officers' Association got a piece of his ass.

The SF Police Commissioners have not kept their promise and have done Proposition H; injustice. So many African Americans were killed many riddled with bullets. On these many cases and growing we have no adjudication. The Office of Citizens Complaints keeps dragging its legs, the SF Police Commissioners parleys and in the interim the victims; the parents, the relatives, the friends of the deceased have to live in fear and more daily pain. Have you looked into this issue Mayor Gavin Newsom? Mayor Gavin Newsom what have you done for all the Polynesians? More precisely the warriors from Samoa? Many of them supported you but you continue to smile and do nothing. The little the Samoans had at Kiska Road you took away and now you have cut yourself off from those Samoan conduits that worked so hard for your ass. What do you call this; gratitude or retribution? I can safely tout and say I worked hard for MATT GONZALEZ and support Chris Daly. I make no bones about it. Be leery of the snake it will bite you worse the next time you come near it; they are full of it at City Hall,Talofa.

We have been monitoring very carefully the Department of Economic Development and the various offices of the Mayor's Office. We know Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. helped change the City Charter and clipped the wings of the City Administrator. We are paying attention to the Mayor Organizational Chart and those so close to the present Mayor but uneducated on issues.

The above are just a TIP of the emblematic issues facing Mayor Gavin Newsom the Mayor of San Francisco. I have access to him and can talk to him and look him straight in the eye. His blinking advisors cannot do that and throw him in the cesspool full of wrong adjudications every so often. Our City and County of San Francisco can do better then that; who will challenge City Hall and bring about the right solutions; now?

Public comment at City Hall is now at a minimum at times a minute or so. The SF Board of Supervisors can wag their tongue; you know it has no bone. When it comes to the Public they are forced to say it all and more quickly then a few blinks of the eye. We have the Legislative Branch that needs some critical evaluation by the Ethics Commission and the Grand Jury; lets us be fair to Mayor Gavin Newsom on this pertinent issue and the deliberation in Room 250.

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