Hundreds to tree stumps cut on Parcel A.


Mayor Gavin Newsom has NO clue when it comes to the Disposition and Development Agreement linked to Parcel A on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Jesse Blout, Marcia Rosen, and Michael Cohen may have some clout but will not stand up for mature trees as do many decent, educated constituents of San Francisco. They have no real idea about Quality of Life issues.

When over 300 trees from one area were recently uprooted on City property and under the control of San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) without any notice and supposedly under the radar it shocked many of us that love trees.

Every Navy base hires gardeners and every base has one of kind trees. So Parcel A was not an exception when those that are focused solely on materialism and greed chose to bare the earth, disrespect human decency, murder the trees, and try to stand tall with blood on their hands, shameful of their deeds. This in the name of power and with an excuse that the terrain had to be graded.

Our City that proclaims it knows how has failed us again and again and when it comes to trees so many complaints from so many good folks but it all falls on deaf years. Our City can ill afford to invite developers that have failed thousands in New Mexico, Florida, Sacramento, in other places and now openly defies San Franciscans when it comes to Quality of Life issues.

If this is the way business is done we can expect the same on Treasure Island. Again the land really belongs to the Ohlone and as if the desecration of the Shellmounds was NOT enough, now again and again materialist buffoons continue to disrespect Mother Earth. This way of doing business must stop. This crime is all the more serious because Sophie Maxwell made a site visit much before the trees were felled and did not lift a finger to save one single tree. Her comment when told about the trees; "what else can you expect from developers". I remember there were some beautiful mature trees between Revere Street and Quesada on the side of the Bank of America on 3rd Street. Then suddenly just like that some one cut these beautiful trees and as much as I tried to find out who committed this dastardly deed - I could not find the culprits. Our City departments will help some culprits especially when it comes to the Department of Public Works. I could name names and have before but it is all but evident in this case who is responsible for this dastardly deed crying to heaven for justice. But who were the ones that actually cut the trees?

We will find out and when we investigate it will some young immature outfit hired for some little money but having no clue about the ecology, value of vegetation and trees, and of course lacking education on issues something that I have stated numerous times before.

Again and again Lennar BVHP LLC wants to defy the constituents of San Francisco and this is wrong. Again and again instead of working with decent human beings from the area; Lennar BVHP LLC chooses to hire thug consultants to do their dirty work and outreach. We all know when so many trees are removed the people that suffer most are those that need help most. Trees clean the air and help protect our health. The power plants and other polluting facilities spew toxic air which all makes it to the area impacted and not far away from Parcel A. We all should have been noticed. A public meeting or two held. This was not done.

Lennar BVHP LLC will hire Arc Ecology and pay them thousands to sell a bad idea like converting Parcel E into Open Space. Touting to the world that Arc Ecology can convert Parcel E into a wetland. Only the Ohlone know what a wetland or marshland really is. Stop lying as you have done again all because of money and acting like a coward. Again and again Arc Ecology with crooks like Olin Webb and Karen Pierce has worked behind the scenes to sellout the community.

Lennar BVHP LLC is defying the community and sending signals that it can do as it pleases. This always happens when a developer is given carte blanche privileges and this was done when the Board of Supervisor chose Lennar BVHP LLC over Forest Hill or some other developers with better track records and community participation. San Franciscans have been patient and want to work out differences with those that care - but enough is enough.

With Jesse Blout, Michael Cohen, Marcia Rosen, Jared Blumenfeld, Nancy Pelosi, and Dianne Feinstein at the helm of affairs we will see more of greed and open defiance and less of community understanding and compliance. Over 300 mature trees killed and the community is held hostage. The Department of Public Works and other City agencies worked to commit this crime crying to heaven for vengeance.

It is important to understand some folks have never, ever understood to respect Mother Earth, trees, and all that comes natural to those First People and others that are fine tuned to the spiritual values. What is best and linked to Mother Earth. Lennar BVHP LLC and some City cronies including Mayor Gavin Newsom are for money and of course vain power.

If this can happen at Hunters Point it will be done at Treasure Island and elsewhere. Some serious mitigation is in order. Some investigation on the highest level should do justice to this very important issue affecting the health and safety of thousands.

Absent in this equation not a single word from the Chronicle or Examiner. What would they know? Where is Heather Knight or Rachael Gordon or for that matter the mostly White journalists that have no clue but write a lot of nonsense about what goes on in and around Hunters Point and the Bayview on other issues not pertinent at all.

Some time ago there was a hue and cry over an outhouse at 800 Innes Street. First Sophie Maxwell called it a School House the oldest one around Hunters Point and introduced a Resolution that all the dumb Supervisors signed.

Then suddenly when some one told her the facts were wrong the School House suddenly was designated a Shipwright House and legislation introduced to Landmark a lousy, drab, rotten, outhouse that has NO foundation, lacks any structure, and practically had nothing to do with any local shipwright history. But that was not to be the Landmark Board was convinced that some how the 800 Innes Street out house was an old structure meeting all the requirements of a Landmark status. Around Bayview there are hundreds of beautiful homes and buildings that could meet the Landmark status but Sophie and her cronies have a hidden agenda. In this case they want to target a developer that has decency unlike the politician Sophie Maxwell is - always on the take.

Where are these folks that support Sophie Maxwell when many other trees fit Landmark Status or at least the decency of a meaningful discussion being mature and over 40 years and some 60 years or more? Where are these fanatics that will fight for nonsense but not for what is right? It is simply wrong to kill so many trees and look the other way. I know Nuru Mohamed has a say but he is for Lennar BVHP LLC. I know Sophie Maxwell knows something and more but has been on the take. I saw Roy Willis once doing the honors stark naked doing the dirty deed in the Room 250.

Some one must answer about the many trees felled and some one must put a drastic stop to this on going nonsense and lack of transparency and accountability in this City and County of San Francisco.

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