It is critical that the organizers of the Mental Health Services Act pay attention to the constituents of San Francisco and address the concerns of our diverse population and those among us that suffer from mental health problems. More the Asians, the Polynesians, the homeless, those many in the Juvenile system or adult languishing in apartments.

When over 74% of the constituents that voted - voted in favor of passing Proposition 63 they wanted those that suffer from mental health problems to be given the best care to bring them back into Society so that the mental patients can be productive citizens.

Initially, it will not be possible to serve everyone with the meager $5.3 million. We need good housing with in care services so that the mental patients get the best medical care. This has been done in some areas but we need to build more housing with the best in care services. We need to reward those facilitators that are productive driven not those that want to make money off the Mental Health Patients.

Our schools have many that need care and the few wellness centers need help. We have those that suffer from mental illness like bi-polar and other diseases that need help to be mentally sound. We need to have the ability to give all help to prevent further deterioration of mental illness all over the City and County of San Francisco. We can do this because we do have the experts and the social workers that can come to the rescue of these patients that need help.

It is critical that we do not have interest groups like the Progress Foundation that has made money off poor mental patients. The same for the many Community Based Organizations (CBO) that have wasted money that should have been spent on Mental Patients and have not been given their due respect. Let us beware of the many CBOs that prey on victims.

The integrated Adult Care, the Outreach to all segment of the population. It is important to serve the Asian, the Polynesian, and the other diverse population that make up San Francisco mostly straights. Mental patients who are very young need all the help they can get. Right now they are the most fragile and do not get the necessary help.

The Preventive element in the Mental Health Services Act is important to pay attention to. Let us not presuppose that gays and those that have come from other States with serious mental problems will be ahead of the list of care and prevention. For too long have perverts wasted our resources because in some quarters we think nothing about morals.

It is important that the constituents of San Francisco the majority that are straight pay attention to detail and not allow the current so called fake proponents from screwing up the Mental Health Services Act. I already have seen fake proponents on the band wagon - talking the talk but not walking the walk.

It is critical that Accountability and Transparency that has lacked when serving the Mental Health Patients be maintained. It is critical that good people look at the total outlook and every facet that will help the Mental Patients with compassion and love. I have heard too many folks talk the talk but cannot walk the walk - it is about love but more about sacrifice.

I have followed the issues of Mental Patients for a long time. Many a time I have visited incognito the various so called facilities such as those run by the Progress Foundation - I have not been pleased with what I have seen.

I have seen the patients on the 7th floor at the San Francisco General Hospital. Much needs to be done for those that need help there and when given help given quality care.

It is imperative that we keep the crooks and those that prey on the Mental Patients away from the inception. The further we keep them the better. These include Bevan Dufty, Tom Ammiano, Sophie Maxwell and the likes - they talk they talk but will not walk the walk.

From the beginning the system has to incorporate diversity and serve the majority of the community. Let us not be divisive and focus on gays or only on the elements of victims of shooting and killings, give money to grandmothers to look after the Mental Patients without knowing what they are doing.

We should have at least one center in San Francisco where Mental Patients get the best help with in care service where they can live and share days and nights with relatives. Where they can get home cooked food and the hugs from those they love most. This is an important healing process.

Let us not waste money where people take advantage of those that need help most. I will be monitoring as I have for many years. Quality care is what the Mental Patients need - many Mental Patients are very smart and do not look forward to fools to show them the way. We need good leaders that know the way, show the way, but mostly importantly go the way.

Mental Health Service Act (PDF)

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