San Francisco has had a history and a good history when it comes to Unions and Laborers. This was not easy - dock workers and others died so that many others would enjoy Union Benefits, a good Salary, and improve Quality of Life Standards in San Francisco.

For years now San Francisco has seen an intrusion of Union Busting. Many Corporation, some State and Federal Agencies, and even the City and County of San Francisco has deprived many good hard working workers benefits in San Francisco. When some of these workers agree to join a Union they have been fired.

The most significant element that has come to the fore in recent years is the use of blatant force. Many Corporations have been using thugs to beat up workers on the picket line. In San Francisco we have documented instances of some workers attacked where the victims have to be taken to the hospital. In many other instances workers are accosted by thugs that work for the crooked Corporations and intimidate those workers that want to organize and join a union.

Many San Francisco Corporations and that includes many Federal and State agencies have resorted to OUTSOURCING. Good jobs that Americans can perform are sent out of State or even abroad where foreign workers are paid pennies without benefits bordering on slave labor.

It is a shame when some choose to go backwards and taunt the workers that work hard to put bread and butter on the table. Imagine thousands of children suffering because some authorities choose to hurt them. Imagine the thousands that have no health coverage while crooked management rake in billions in profits. Imagine all this happening in San Francisco.

In San Francisco arbitrarily 40 workers were fired that worked for the Department of Public Works (DPW). After protesting over $1.8 million was appropriated so that these workers would be reinstated to date only 4 have been instated and at half the salary they made before - today they earn about $12 an hour. Many of these workers have families and it is a shame that Mayor Gavin Newsom, Mohamed Nuru, and Edwin Lee talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. It is wrong to deprive any hard working woman and man of their rights and further in this City we cannot harm those that have contributed to the City and County of San Francisco. I will be bold to say that in this case the Mayor and those scumbags that work and worked for DPW have blood on their hands.

I have followed this case for a long time and it is simply disgusting that these innocent, hard working women and men are put through these trials and tribulations just because they chose to work hard and serve this great City of ours.

The National Park Service (NPS) in San Francisco some time ago chose to outsource many jobs thus depriving many San Franciscans of good jobs. Brian O'Neill the perennial liar that talks from both sides of his mouth is the ultimate survivor giving perks to Management while selling out those federal employees that deserve better. He is joined by Susan Hurst, Mai-Liis Bartling, Leo Guillory, and a host of other cowards all NPS Management that should be ashamed of themselves.

The Presidio Trust started the trend by bringing in thugs from Colorado. These thugs former Correction Officers complete with hunting dogs and guns tried to control the Presidio of San Francisco. I took them on and exposed them on this web site. Heading the pack was James Meadows who was fired who bilked the Presidio Trust and the tax payers millions of dollars.

There were others Colorado thugs like Bruce Anderson and Steve Hood with their wives and significant others all employed by the Presidio Trust and all involved in Union Busting. Most employees that were not Management were treated like slaves while folks like Nancy Pelosi and others look the other way. This nonsense goes on to date with no one taking on the Presidio Trust. Our City subsidizes the Presidio sewage sending it all the way to Bayview to add to the present stench. Our City provides Hetch Hetchy water that the Presidio Trust uses to water their lawns and flush their toilets while thumping their noses at the tax payers and especially those of color employed in numbers by Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco but NOT by the Presidio Trust.

In San Francisco it is always interesting to see and hear the Board of Supervisors run their mouth. Folks like Bevan Dufty the man that chases his tail, Jake McGoldrick who purports to be close to the workers but his actions speak just the opposite. Aaron Peskin the ultimate manipulator and of course the dumb, inept, ignorant, and very arrogant Sophina Maxwell. These scumbags have not fought for those that need help - workers of San Francisco living pay check to pay check.

We have too may heroes in San Francisco that have made this City a Union City. We have too many heroes that have fought for labor rights. We have too many heroes that worked hard to give the best opportunities to many in this City. Many folks have had a good education and sent their children to good schools because of Union jobs.

Now we have crooks and sellouts that have taken our City and sold it to the worst crooks many of them from out of State. It is a shame that the constituents do not take our so called representatives to task. Time to remove these politicians from office and replace them with folks that stand for Accountability and Transparency.

Let us not have some hearings just so that the hard working constituents that are educated get ticked off. In San Francisco we have many San Franciscans that have a sharp memory and we do not forget those that helped and fought for what are right. We shall not forget the scumbags that pretend to understand the plight of the workers while with intent plotting to let them down by compromise. Mayor Gavin Newsom does it all the time. Throwing bread crumbs to some and depriving others of their working rights and opportunity to feed their wives and families.

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