The SF Police Commision.


We in San Francisco envisioned that with Proposition H that we would have lay persons without huge egos that would help those constituents that need help when it came to the betterment of our health and safety concerns. A better monitoring of Law Enforcement actions. Justice to the constituents when injustice was done. The minute Proposition H passed the ego maniacs came out of the wood works claiming that they would be good candidates and help San Franciscans acting as Police Commissioners.

We saw the likes of Gayle Orr-Smith, Peter Keane, Louise Renne, Douglas Chan that would do better some where else then playing to the Media and Spin at the SF Police Commission meetings.

Now Gayle Orr-Smith has jumped ship and thank god for that. Peter Keane chose to fight the Police Officers Association and learnt that he would have done better trying to help those victims that were killed and bring about some adjudication. He should have served the constituents of San Francisco and not played dirty politics.

Louise Renne still thinks that San Franciscans owe her a debt for her past legal prowess. Little does she understand that her old fashion ways and lack of understanding of things contemporary, her Senior Moments, her childish giggles, adversely impacts the San Francisco Police Commission when it comes to adjudication.

Theresa Sparks and Joe Veronese are perhaps the only two that try and have worked hard to serve the constituents of San Francisco.

Douglas Chan thinks he is the supreme Perry Mason and makes a mockery of his drab questioning and biased reasoning. The perennial diplomat that he is - he cannot call a spade a spade and loves to beat around the bush. He often loves to beat a dead horse. He could save his wit in the Court House and avoid wasting our precious time. Joe Marshall would do well to sit on that Chair at the radio station and continue to spew those ideas that go no where on that fading news band width. Soldiers on the Street did well for some time but the youth today are not attracted to those that talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

Proposition H should have helped resolved criminal cases especially those involving the killing of our youth often Black on Black killings. It is a shame that the San Francisco Police Commission has chosen to waste hundreds of hours trying to address the Penal Code and not address Health and Safety Issues in all the Districts of San Francisco.

The San Francisco Police Commission has made some stupid decisions and chosen to fight the very personnel that have to uphold the law. Time and time again they have wasted time and failed to bring about quick and fair adjudications involving actions that have come before them.

The Office of Citizens Complaints is a joke. Again and again it will come before the San Francisco Commission without due preparation and waste the time of those that want urgent answers. Mayor Gavin Newsom has his heart in the right place but surrounds himself with cronies or so called advisors that should be ashamed of themselves. The recent video fiasco will come to bite them all in the butt. It has in a huge way affected the San Francisco Police Commission.

We have now reached 96 folks dead and even we may reach the 105 number by December, 2005 - we should be asking ourselves why so many are dying and why are over 70% of the killings and shootings being investigated are not adjudicated.

Kamala Harris the Alameda transplant has done San Francisco a disservice. Every time she opens that mouth of hers she shoves her foot in. Her office put down the office of the person that she succeeded but during her tenure - she has failed the citizens of San Francisco.

The Chronicle and the Examiner have mostly white journalists that should be ashamed of themselves. They can write a lot of nonsense when it comes to negativity and a roasting video that means nothing to the constituents that are poor and suffering. But when it comes to investigative reporting on stuff that is good, bad, or ugly but pertinent these white goofy journalists are no where to be found. Mayor Gavin Newsom recently fired the head of the Mayor Office of Criminal Justice and rightly so. The woman did nothing for the longest time ever. She was instrumental is driving David Mauroff crazy and away from a position that would have done the City and County of San Francisco good. This woman should be let go and NOT permitted to work in this City. We have too many folks making high salaries, not living in our City, and leaching on the tax payers. Too many of these scumbags and many of them are the Mayor so called advisors.

The San Francisco Police Commission is a joke. Every time I go before it to speak I find the clowns getting out of control. Some jesters sitting at the table of the SF Police Commission and babbling and trying to find something to say of importance. Opening their mouth and shoving their foot deeper and deeper into an abyss of nonsense.

Our children are dying. We get NO assistance from the local Supervisor who is Black but has not helped her constituents. We have numerous Churches some 60 plus in the Bayview Hunters Point area - all making big money but NOT helping our youth. We have some Ministers building homes on toxic ground and trying to fill these hazardous units with innocent victims paying high rents. These Ministers have not helped the Mayor and much less the SF Police Commission. They are first in line to get money from the Mayor's Office and the City.

The San Francisco Police Commission has not addressed Quality of Life issues. It thinks with the majority of lawyers it has on the SF Police Commission, that it is a Judge Judy show - has failed the constituents and with the two Commissioner chosen to fill the shoes of those that have jumped ship for lack of patience and non contributors to lofty ideals that this City embraces.

The San Francisco Police Commission is a joke and so is the San Francisco Office of Citizens Complaints. Base on their records both get an F.

Constituents at the SF Police Commission.

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