It was not so easy
On the eyes
As I looked aghast
Huge waves destroy
Everything in its path
The power of the Ocean
Never seen before
In recent history
Killed thousands and left ruins
For thousands of miles around
It was the 26th of December, 2004
A tsunami that will be remembered forever
From the shores of Indonesia
To the shores of Sri Lanka
On to the shores of Somalia
From the islands Andaman
To remote atolls unknown
The wrath of the Ocean spared no one
Homes crushed like match sticks
And trains and buses were blown miles to sea
Palms trees mature and others gave way
And even the hills stood still
And paid respects to the power of the seas
Animals with their built in sensors
Took to upper ground
And Elephants blew the horn of alarm
Some humans paid heed but others did not
Never to be seen again
I saw so many pictures
Of shock and trauma
It was the children that endured the most
Even to this day they bear the scars
Of that one dreadful tsunami
Some world aid poured in - Senior Bush and Clinton
For some short time solace
But then even as 9/11 everything melted away
Memories so short of something so powerful
The tsunami of the century
So proclaimed the Spin Media
The United Nations was fast to act
Kudos to the United States Navy
They acted faster then the Hurricane Katrina
Episode that hit New Orleans
We human are at the mercy
Of Nature more then any Superpower
Nature has brought us all to our knees
And will until we learn
To redeem our senses and pride in humility
Life is so fragile and worth every breath
But again and again
The powers that be
Will sordid in the politics
Of divisiveness
And destroy the Love
That was built with every Mother's Milk
From Oldavai Jorge
To the depths of Oceans
From the heights of Everest
To the Gobi Desert
There is something more majestic
Then the Pyramids
The structures of the Mayas
The Taj Mahal
The hidden temples lost in Thailand
The Vedas and the scriptures of old
Within all of these lie
A simple DNA
That is not easy to decipher
The tsunami hit, awakened, and just like that
Everything and more came to a stop
Stood still and the best of us all
Came to the fore and rested in pain
We world citizens united in spirit and made whole
The best we could in succor
When the world stood powerless
Tsunami - December 26, 2004

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