The San Francisco Board of Supervisors (BOS) under the leadership of Aaron Peskin in recent months have adversely impacted thousands of San Franciscans. Chris and Ross try but they two have compromised on some critical issues. The pertinent issues that matter health and safety, transportation and our roads, housing and health, our schools and youth are the issues that have not been attended to with enthusiasm and finite results. There is a hot of talk, vain verbosity, and plain running round the bush. And we call these officials our Board of Supervisors!

Daily droves of consultants and other lobbyists are busy making deals with Supervisor Peskin who has proved that he does not have the better interests of the constituents of San Francisco but his own selfish agenda that will lead him to the cesspool of his own making. He looks good in a parade but where he matters in City Hall he is a charade.

Recently Peskin could have helped tabled a couple of ordinances most of them very faulty but has chosen to permit to divide our City and more those citizens that pay taxes. Good people with good businesses do not want to stay in San Francisco. Families are leaving San Francisco and the Board of Supervisors (BOS) think nothing much of it. Our schools are a mess and no one is listening to the youth. Our Elder population is suffering not to mention those thousands that live pay check to check. Now imagine those poor that are given many promises and a $59 check.

The Off-Sale of alcohol and monitoring of nuisances is the job of the City and the San Francisco Police Department. In a worse case the State Alcohol enforcing agency known as ABC can step in and do what is required. Sophie Maxwell has made a mess of District 10 but now this dumb, inept, ignorant, and very arrogant person has chosen to introduce ordinances that adversely impact the whole City and County of San Francisco. The woman simply does not get it. There are thousands in District 10 that are addicted to crack cocaine and she must address this plague before she tries to focus of those that bring in taxes and plenty of it our small businesses. The woman is simply pathetic. Sophie Maxwell known for her stupidity has chosen to take on the mostly small businesses and she has failed. It is hard enough for the store owners to monitor their own stores inside - especially in areas where some folks come to steal very time they enter the store. Now the idiotic woman wants the store owner to monitor the nuisances outside the store and police a wide area.

At the corner of 3rd Street at Kirkwood which is one example Sophie Maxwell likes to quote you find mostly Blacks gathering all over the place and many of them are crack addicts. The other prostitutes and drunks are all well known to Sophie Maxwell they are all Black. Sophie could work with City agencies and the over 100 Churches to help them. She should remember her own mother's house - Enola Maxwell's caught on fire and if she cares to investigate why - she will find the reason. Suffice to say dubious activities and drugs activity has been suggested in the area the fire started. Sophie does not have the guts to address the direct issues - rather then blaming others when she cannot do her job. During the 6 years plus Sophie Maxwell has anything to do with Bayview more youth have been killed and the drug addict population has grown - the majority of them Blacks. The sale of crack cocaine is a big business in and around where Sophie lives on Jerrold Street by 3rd Street. The Board of Supervisor should investigate this bold statement.

For the last 6 years not once has Sophie Maxwell talked about rehabilitating her own Black people a very huge population that has embraced crack cocaine? Sophie would rather blame the liquor store owners for nuisances and other adverse impacts in the neighborhood.

It was fun to watch Bevan Dufty come to the rescue of Sophie Maxwell. This man loves to chase his tail like a dog. Sophie's ordinance has nothing to do with Massage Parlors and Single Residential Occupancy (SROs). He challenged the world that not a single Massage Parlor was shut down because of the recent raids in San Francisco and an ordinance in place. Well, a couple was shut down one of them Kings just for the record by 4th and Mission. Dufty's speech was fully of lies and half-truths but this is nothing new. He keeps talking about the time he headed the Neighborhood Services when things were pathetic. He was put there by Willie L. Brown Jr. the most corrupt Mayor ever to sit his foot in City Hall. Today Bevan Dufty panders to gays and such. As for the SROs they stink to high heaven complete with infestation of bed bugs that the City cannot do anything much. Then you have drug addicts, HIV patients, Seniors, and all sorts of criminals mixed together with poor kitchen facilities, elevators that do not work and loud noises throughout the day and night. Bevan Dufty has no sense of community and is not respected by the mostly straight community.

The Board of Supervisor would do well to shut down those clubs that have booths that cater to gays where all sort of illegal activities go on. I challenge Bevan Dufty to initiate an Ordinance to shut this illegal booth where a lot of unprotected gay sex goes on. Then this City spends millions on HIV and taking care of HIV patients all at the cost of depriving thousands of straights of basic medical help. Not even Tom Ammiano the Queen has thought about this problem. The BOS continue to pander to gays just for the sake of pandering to them.

The store keepers mostly from the Middle Eastern Countries should shun those folks that are a nuisance and advice them to go to Sophie home to get their daily requirements in the Bayview. The store keepers agree with me that some folks will never get it. We all know very well who are the trouble makers, the killers and shooters, the scumbags of any community. Just ask the merchants on San Bruno Avenue. Now store keepers all over the City will know the adverse effects and how dumb our Supervisors who voted in favor of the Off-Sale Liquor ordinance are.

Over 2500 acres are proposed as a Project Area in the Bayview and coming under the control of the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA). Sophie is NOT doing anything about it. When the folks are driven out they will be mostly poor Blacks and there you have it Sophie is a sellout and has and will never helped poor Black people. Sophie is a product of Public Housing and so was her mother Enola Maxwell. Sophie works hand in glove with SFRA and is on the take. This woman has to go. Imagine thousands of poor Blacks flooding Sixth Street and the Tenderloin look for shelter and the basic needs to survive. Sophie has no clue about building consensus she is all about pointing fingers and blaming others - much like a little brat that has not been disciplined. She is prone to loose her temper and temper tantrums. As the better aspects of Community Policing have been practically shelved. Certain good folks that wanted to stand for the community have been taken to task and penalized. The Probation system is NOT working. The Major's Office of Criminal Justice is going with the flow and taking order from the Mayor's Office. Again and again real, genuine, community folks that are making huge sacrifices and working at ground zero are not funded and listen to. The BOS has not evaluated the Juvenile System. If so many Samoan youth are incarcerate why is it they do not get help? A disproportionate of Samoan serve in the Armed Forces and die for the United States. Given the help most Samoans appreciate the gesture. Our City hear the pleas but does nothing much.

There has been no one single focused meeting with the youth. Everyone is making decisions for the youth. The youth at ground zero have less then zero respect for most of the Board of Supervisors. It is time those that want to save the youth should listen to the youth and the various issues that make things difficult for many youth to lead a normal life.

In the Bayview the youth all know Mayor Gavin Newsom is as fake as they come. He talks a good talk but cannot walk the walk. Especially when Mayor Gavin Newsom uses Dwayne Jones who lives in Oakland and does not have the respect of the people of Bayview Hunters Point as a ploy. There are a small band of sell outs - all on the take, at any photo opportunity with the Mayor you will see them line behind the Mayor to receive some bread crumbs. This City has a 5 billions plus budget.

Dwayne Jones ruined Young Community Developers and any audit will reveal this fact. He was deeply involved with the SLUG scandal and continues to this day to be an instigator of projects that are going no where. Time to call in the Federal Bureau of Investigation again especially with Project Complete at 41 Doran.

Our BOS has said nothing about Clear Cutting of our City's Trees. Over 400 trees were cut on Parcel A in Hunters Point. Some Tree Huggers and Gurus of things Environmental have valued a single tree at $162,000. Now how can we call our City a Green City and where is the Precautionary Principle so often touted in public forums. Our City continues to cut mature trees at McClaren Park and have elsewhere with no impunity. Where are the environmentalists on this issue? Crime and Safety has gone worse since Aaron Peskin has taken control of the BOS and many of the BOS initiate ordinances and Charter Amendment just to project their own ego. Two stand out one is Michaela Alioto-Pier and the other Sophie Maxwell. The Better Neighborhood Plus Ordinance is a glaring case in point initiated by Sophie Maxwell.

We have more homeless dying on the streets then ever before. Other poor folks have been shipped to destinations without any compassion. Some folks think it is fine to live on a meager $59 a month. Mayor Gavin Newsom is known to spend hundreds of dollars per meal and that is fine with him as long as he is backed by the filthy rich Gettys.

We have an over $320 million back log linked to our bad roads. I have been saying this for many years. Once money given to Department of Public Works was used to plant trees rather then fix roads. Now the DPW has money to fix the roads but they cannot catch up with the back log. Edwin Lee messed up the DPW and is just a figure head as the City Administrator - always pandering to the cronies and doing nothing much for this great City.

The Legislative Branch the Board of Supervisors of San Francisco has failed us on Transportation issues. A glaring example the MUNI Third Street Light rail project - it should have been in place two years ago. Two vital bridges are still being worked on the one on 4th and King very dubious and the one on 3rd and Cargo very deficient. Our BOS are fully cognizant of the facts but cannot do much because they are full of hot air. They can talk as much as they can but curtail Public Comment to just one minute if not two. Hank thinks he knows it all and the rest the scumbags that have failed us again and again.

This great City once prided itself with intelligent City Officials - I can assure you most of the BOS are not - again the verbosity and faulty Resolution, Charter Amendments, Ordinances say it all.

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