Mayor Gavin Newsom listens to the Neighborhood Leaders.


The Better Neighborhood Plus legislation has been amended so many times - come before the Board of Supervisors and then sent back to committee and back to San Francisco Planning that this lousy piece of legislation that has more to do with City Administrative Changes then Good Planning has been shelved for all practical purposes.

Joke McGoldrick keeps harping that this lousy legislation plotted behind doors by five White men and then brought out as if the legislation would benefit the populace has seen little sunshine whetted and done more to create divisiveness among the real neighbors in the real neighborhood with vested connections to some greed developers.

Again and again we have seen the same crooked players try to convince some of us that really deal with real issues and San Francisco Planning that the Better Neighborhood Plus legislation would benefit the majority - the contrary is true and we all know it because the legislation has been changed so many times that it is now worthless.

Mayor Gavin Newsom feels that Better Neighborhood Planning as opposed to the Better Neighborhood Planning Plus is a saner idea and the many workshop with good feed back linked to the Eastern Neighborhood Planning and South of Market Planning should be encouraged with meaningful dialog and the neighborhoods properly noticed. This process must be incorporated in the General Management Plan of the City and County of San Francisco to address Quality of Life issues and contemporary needs of the constituents of San Francisco.

There is nothing today that the San Francisco Planning cannot address. Some crooks want to amend the Administrative Code to bring San Francisco Planning Commissioners in compliance related to some real estate and planning issues that really have little to do with good planning and more to do with corruption and egoism. Much precious time has been wasted by some of us that have been vigilant and continue to be vigilant - we have won the trust of the Executive Branch of the City and County of San Francisco sufficient to assure a large body of good San Franciscans that the death knell of the Better Neighborhood Plus legislation has been rung.

As for the San Francisco Planning Department they have categorically refused to accept the Better Neighborhood Plus legislation from day one. Ross Mirkarimi looked at it and stepped aside only two fools Sophie Maxwell and Joke McGoldrick continue to endorse it and are now holding an empty bag.

As for the vigilant constituents of San Francisco we say to the crooks you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Neighborhood Leaders introduced to Better Neighborhood Plus legislation.

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