Black on Black violence at Hunters Point and in the Public Housing area keeps haunting the community at large and the rampant killing of young men some as young as 17 years has traumatized the community in and around Public Housing everywhere and the Black community in general in San Francisco.

Some years ago I got involved in a case where the San Francisco Police Department got involved with some youth on Dr. Martin Luther King's holiday. Some police officers used unnecessary force and one or two even went so far to grope a young girl. I remember the incident very clearly and was the first to write about it.

This case was handled by some high powered Black lawyer but in the course of time I was troubled that the case was dropped. At that time Chief Earl Sanders promised to help the victims but this did not happen. Alex Trouk worked for Neighborhood Services and he was of little help too.

Over the years the youth most of them doing well in school suffered immensely. I kept in touch with some of them but found it difficult to ask them personal questions. Some of the parents, relatives, and friends talked to me about this incident. All of them agreed that after the injustice was done to the youth - the City of San Francisco, the Mayor of San Francisco at that time Willie L. Brown Jr., the City Attorney, the Police Chief had not done justice and were unfair to the youth that continued to suffer to this day.

In the course of time one of the youth involved in the incident died shot by the police. Then a few days back some youth reported to me about the second youth shot - this time by a gang. The rest of the youth are still suffering and so are the parents, relatives, friends and concerned citizens such as me. The situation is made all the worse when we that are concerned have to go before the Police Commission, the various committees, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, other bodies to plead about the atrocities committed by those who should safe guard everyone especially our youth. We get no help from Sophie Maxwell for reasons best known to her.

Our District Attorney Kamala Harris has had it smooth with San Franciscans when it comes to NOT saving our youth. In this case this youth who was shot by some gang should have been taken out of the community and given some hope. The District Attorney brags that it can provide safe houses but when it comes to reality- again and again the District Attorney has failed San Francisco and especially young Blacks.

In the case of the young man that died Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. failed him. So did Chief Earl Sanders. And so did the District Attorney directly and indirectly. Of course it goes without say the dumb, inept, and very arrogant Sophina Maxwell who should be removed from office. Sophie has not represented District 10 and has done disservice to many youth especially Black youth.

Sophie Maxwell spends more time pussy footing with San Francisco Redevelopment Agency then she does with those that need help within the community. She wastes more time with cronies from Visitation Valley and I will name them - then she does with her constituents that need help.

Sophie Maxwell is a disgrace to humanity especially since she was raised in Pubic Housing but does not have the decency to give the same opportunities she had as a poor Black person to other Blacks that desperately need help. She talks about Middle Class but how can poor folks suddenly become Middle Class if they are NOT given opportunities? It ticks me off when some young person such as the young person that was shot could have been given a chance to live and contribute to society. Right now it is difficult for the Samoans, the Latinos, the few Asians that are poor to witness the daily gun shots being fired, the shooting and killings that affect them all as human beings all over Public Housing.

From time to time when I visit the Public Housing I have to hear the complaints and witness those that are traumatized weep and cry and ask for help.

So when I appear at the various Committee Meetings I faithfully try to represent the community at City Hall but with an inept, ignorant, and very arrogant person like Sophie Maxwell we as a community are going no where in District 10. Willie L. Brown Jr. let us down and some Blacks in power today play the House Negro and continue to screw us over and over again.

How can we call ourselves decent when we see death and do nothing about it? How can we go on and on and on and see so much death? How can we look the innocent parents and others in the eye and say that we support them? Why is it that we all allow so many youth mostly Black to die - as if death means nothing and life means nothing? This troubles me a lot and as hard as I am fighting for the youth and will continue to fight for the youth - it is taking a very heavy toll on me and those that support me.

I am good friend with Rannon Ross I like the man because he is not about talk - he walks the walk. I am good friends with Herm Lewis when we meet I always request him to take care of the youth especially Black and will do anything to help Herm Lewis save lives. I work with John Nauer and we try to work with the Black youth and also Samoan youth to save lives and bring some sense into the lives of those that live under dangerous conditions every single day in Public Housing.

On another level we have many good folks like Mitch Salazar, Rudy Corpus, Roberto Vargas, Shawn Richards, Omar Khalif, Majeid Crawford that do all in their power to help our youth. I could name names but it is not about naming folks because these folks do not need any fame they want the youth to be helped. However the authorities fail us every single time.

I thought the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice would see sense and address real issues with real solutions. The MOCJ has chosen to work with some cronies and the result has been more crime. Beware of folks that talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. Beware of those that pretend to work for the community, take money from the City, and do nothing but drink themselves to slow death. We have a couple of such folks wasting our time and hailing from Visitation Valley.

This Black on Black violence that plagues Hunters Point affect us all in San Francisco and everything possible must be done to stem this violence. If need be an emergency must and should be declared. If Whites were dying in this manner that is exactly what would be done.

Mayor Gavin Newsom, the District Attorney, the City Attorney, the Mayor Office of Criminal Justice, the District Supervisor of District 10, and the Chief of Police should put their heads together and bring about a solution. Let the solution be one that benefits the community and not one that hinders freedom, justice and fairness.

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