Men around the Bust Main.


If you watch Susan Leal the inept Manager who heads the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) you would think she has her organization under control. Thousands have been spent to revamp the University Mound Reservoir and of course one would think the 16 inch Water Mains too - but as luck would have it - some one miscalculated.

Not a word from Susan Leal who was last seen bragging about Hydrants painted Blue that she assured San Franciscans would work when the Big One strike. For all I know Susan Leal is pussy footing much like the Mayor who talks the talks but cannot walk the walk.

This is the second time in less then a year that a major Main Pipe has broken linked to the University Mound and flooded many homes in the Portola District but what is more millions of good drinking water have been drained in the storm and sewer pipes. This is uncalled for and some one must answer to the public.

There is no way this 16inch pipe should have burst considering the very recent maintenance that was done to the University Mound Reservoir. If this is the case here then the other rehabilitated Reservoirs are in deep trouble. Also, the so called new clean water pipes that have been placed at great expense by no good contractors - one of them Mitchell Engineering.

The last time around I did not evaluate the flood damage but this time around I did. I do not live far from the University Mound and know the area very well. This University Mound Reservoir is critical to the Financial District and to the larger implementation of clean drinking water supply. It supplies more then 40% of the City's drinking water. If this is the standard we are going to expect from Susan Leal then San Franciscans better pay heed. So far we have seen disaster after disaster with no responsibility. Lot of vain talk but no action what so ever. Now, let us see when the victims who were flooded will be compensated.

Men at work. No hard hats!

One of the flood homes on Woolsey Street.

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